Natural fur as the only way to survive Latvian winter. 

In a previous story I've already talked about all those cons of a real winter and shared my love towards natural and faux fur. Quality faux fur is a good answer to natural one. But let me share some thoughts on natural fur today.
Those of you, who've been with me through all these years or even those, who have been following the adventure over the last year, know pretty well that I do like natural fur. I mean I surely can survive without it, but if you want me to be totally honest - no faux fur can ever stand close to natural one. It's like, you know, faux fur makes you feel really cool and modern, while natural gives you secure and cozy feeling. Until recent times my fur collection consisted only of numerous hats and several collars. Lets not forget about my fur dress slash maxi fur vest. It seemed to be fairly enough. But this fur coat changed it all. I got it straight from my aunty's closet. By now you already know that I love checking relatives wardrobes for some interesting stuff. Especially vintage ones. The length, the style, the fur itself is pure love. Length is what I'm concerned about the most. Since I either make a lot of movements while walking or while driving a car. I don't really like wearing long stuff while driving, you know, I'm pretty short and I tend to sit almost on the wheel. Just joking. But I still don't prefer maxi while driving. I have another fur coat from aunty, longer and more massive one, that surely needs to be re-designed as at the moment I look like a real pimp from around New York.
When I talked about the length and the style of this fur coat, this is what I really meant - I like pairing it with a pair of skinny jeans or pants and boots, flat or heeled ones. It gives this sense of coziness and motion at the same time. As if it says: "I feel good enough to be on the go all day long". While you put all necessary thing in your hyper roomy bag or backpack.   

Look of the Day
Vintage fur coat
Promod turtle neck 
Zara skinny jeans
Red Herring biker boots
Jenny Fairy quilted backpack