New Year brought some interesting updates. 

This is what the first couple of days of this fresh year were all about - some serious development of Practical Queen AP
As you might already noticed by now, the design of the blog is totally new. And this is all thanks to amazing Kay Luxe Design! To be totally honest I've been thinking about the new design for a long time. Have been studying this question really deeply, as I wanted it to be really great. This new design is a perfect reflection of what Practical Queen AP is - simple, consistent yet thoroughly thought through. I totally like how each section is separated and designed, straight to the point. And I love how it looks more than a website rather than a blog. I mean at the end of the day that is what I'm aiming for to create something like a lifestyle website, where you could find style inspiration, beauty tips and much more. Something that would make you discover a lot of new valuable stuff. I started Practical Queen AP almost 4 years ago and it was more of a personal diary-blog, but since then the audience of it got bigger and it saw several big shifts. So now blog is on the way to grow into a lifestyle one. 
Another quite big and new extension is a recent introduction of SHOP feature, where you can find some interesting, fashionable/stylish and good-to-invest pieces. It's not something that I sell myself, though I pick each item on my own from leading online retailers and it's really that kind of clothing and accessories in which I would invest myself and which are totally good to have in your closet. The rage is not that big at the moment and it's even better at this point to recommend you fewer items rather than a lot of stuff in which you could easily get lost. So lets take it step by step and I'll try to re-new the SHOP every month with a good range of what to get during a month.
I still have some new stuff on my mind that hopefully will find its release in following months. Meanwhile, my post frequency have declined a bit due to my involvement in two project, apart from Practical Queen AP. Still don't know where it all will lead me, but I mean I'm really thrilled about investigating fashion business from different sides and am taking every single chance to put my hands on something excitingly new. So don't panic, if I don't post new stories every day, I'm still here. 
A new look comes along with a fresh story! It's all about my favorite winter equipment - black color and fur. Chic yet casual mix of turtleneck, leather pants, ankle booties and fur coat. While turtlenecks are my must-haves of the season, I found a way to style my hair, so it's not only about tucking my hair under sweaters. It's a simple little bun on the downside of my head with a bit of sleek effect in front. Very convenient, if you don't want your hair to mess around all over the coat. 

Look of the Day
vintage fur coat
Amisu turtleneck
Colloseum leather trousers
Miss Selfridge ankle boots
vintage brooch (from Portobello Market, London)
Fiorelli Belinda Grab handbag