A girl can never have too many lipsticks. 

Lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms. No single man will ever understand why a lady needs so many lipsticks in, lets say, red color. But we, girls, know that all those red lipsticks are so totally different and we need all of them simply because it's too hard to make a decision when you are holding three lipsticks in your hands. 
Why am I saying those words above about decisions and lipsticks? Because that's what actually happened when I was trying to make a decision between two pink-y-red BELL Royal MAT lipsticks. There's this slight shade difference between those two, but after one hour of testing both came into my shopping cart. But my most recent lipstick affair happened with Dzintars brand. Or should I translate it for you as Amber brand? Hehe. Love the fact that this kind of iconic Latvian brand did undertake an upgrade in re-branding. From time to time I feel like jumping into Dzintars standalone stores that sometimes feel too spacious just to check if there's something new. So I've discovered several good tones in various colors - neutral nude, brights pink and dark bronze-brown. Definitely something that comes for different outfits and occasions. 
And what about lip care? I mean naturally beautiful lips don't come just like that. It still requires additional care, right? It's all about lip protection during cold winter days and hot summer ones. So here's my new favorites - Biocura that doesn't contain any flavors, Avon Naturals multifunctional balm (suitable not only for lips) with delicious vanilla flavor and vitamins, and Mary Kay balm also with vanilla flavor. And what's your secret in lip care? Scrubs, balms, moisturizers? Share your secrets with us! 

Lipstick Beauty Box

Bell Royal MAT 03 lipstick
Bell Royal MAT 015 lipstick
Dzintars KREDO Lux T11 lipstick
Dzintars KREDO Lux T72 lipstick
Dzintars KREDO Lux T46 lipstick
BIOCURA Beauty lip balm
Mary Kay vanilla lip balm

Photo: A. Puzova