Here comes Secret Beauty Box again. It's all about makeup brushes today! 

Since Secret Beauty Box became a pretty important part of Practical Queen AP and I started investigating all sorts of cosmetics and perfumes, skincare-haircare-nailcare-allcare products, hair stylers and so on, lets talk about tools without which you simply can't go by when applying all that makeup on your face. It's makeup brushes. Plus you do feel like a PRO using these brushes, don't you? 
You surely don't need a full pack of brushes just like professional makeup artists do, still there are some essential ones that you need for everyday or, at least, for those special occasions. Each lady has those special occasions. And don't forget about taking care of your makeup brushes, I mean cleaning it constantly. Here's an article that I discovered a couple of days ago on with some tips on how to clean brushes. Though, am not sure about dish soap wonders, I wouldn't really try this trick. Plus you can find some other cool articles on on many tips and tricks of a perfect makeup and how to use these brushes to gain the best effect.

1. Foundation

You surely do use foundation every day, maybe except weekends. How do you apply it? With fingers, sponge or brush? I don't like sponges that much, so brush is my favorite tool for applying foundation - easy and smooth.

2. Concealer

Well, you might not use concealer every single day. But there are those little things that we sometimes need to cover - black eyes and spots. Plus concealer is a good way to achieve some interesting effects. So, if you use creamy concealer a special little brush is a must.

3. Powder

Powder is a good way to cover that shine effect of your skin. Most powders have puffs or little compact brushes. I still prefer such big brushes that I can surely keep in hand. Though while on the go I can't always take it around.

4. Blush

Just like powder blushes do go together with little brushes when you get it. Don't know what you think, but I don't find those little ones helpful at all. So such big angled one is my must. 

5. Eyebrows

In the last Secret Beauty Box story about Beauty Care Products I talked about how I do take care of my eyebrows. So eyebrow brush and eyebrow pencil are my morning essentials.

6. Eyes

I did get addicted to applying eyeshadows and eyeliners to my makeup recently. Therefore, I have several completely different kind of brushes for eyes. Can't really tell which one is my most favorite. But an angled eyeliner brush is my recent discovery, according to some makeup artists you can use this brush to even apply concealer in hart-to-reach-areas or add color to your eyebrows, found it in one of those articles on


Photos: A. Puzova