Bringing good old Russian ushanka hat back to my winter looks. 

Another fashion element that is highly associated with Russia. The times when such hats were only worn by men have long gone. Yes, that's true - women stole ushankas from male's wardrobe. An interesting fact is that such kind of hats  with earflaps were known in Russia, Germany, Scandiavia and more Eastern countries, like North Korea and Mongolia, for centuries. But where does it originally come from? According to facts it was Mongolian hat (I can't really translate it as in English it gives a name of some horror movie) that served as a prototype for the ushanka. Though a more modern version, the one that we are familiar with today, developed only some hundred years ago during Russia's Civil War. It's been during last, XXth, century that ushankas became an integral symbol of Russia. 
Back in the days, ushanka was among those souvenirs that Western tourists took back home. It still is an important souvenir though. Moreover, in the world of fashion ushanka hat have long become a very must-have. It's on the runways, it's in the street style. Fashionistas from all over the world search through Internet and an endless list of online retailers to find that exact, perfectly perfect ushanka. Some of them are even taking ushankas to a completely new level, I'm sure you remember Bryan Boy's giant one, right? You might have also seen one of the biggest style icons and a huge inspiration, from my point of view, Mira Duma sporting all sort of different ushankas for fashion shows. I mean, in her case you can easily say that ushanka hat is a perfect way to style chic and feminine winter looks. 
When it comes to talking about my look of the day, the main thing I was trying to battle was that freezing cold. So my ushanka had a chance to play two roles at a time - saving my head, especially ears, from cold and serving as a perfect winter season accessory. Having based the look on black color I added a bright touch by favorite red coat and a bit of asymmetry with this uber comfy sweater. 

Look of the Day:
Zara wool coat
MONTANA mohair wool sweater
H&M skinny jeans
Jenny Fairy quilted backpack