Taking the white path straight into awakening season. 

As they say, sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful struck of luck. The end of February should have had a bit different scenario, but it's life that adds its final touch to our plans. You might know this feeling, when you are waiting for that special day, trip, meeting, whatever, you just plan everything out and then... then comes an element of unpredictability. It brings all your plans to the bin, leaving you with quite a, emmm, strange and contradictory feeling.
Once again, not getting something you want can result in a much bigger opportunities. So, looking forward into Spring months I'm already in anticipation of Riga Fashion Week A/W 2015 session. Will be pretty interesting to see what Latvian and guest designers will present, if there will be some crossing paths with trends from New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks or it's going to be a totally different kind of vision. Let's wait for that. Secondly, I can not escape sharing this piece of news with you right here, those of you who follow Practical Queen AP on Instagram and Facebook already know it, but a friend of mine, aka an emerging Latvian designer Katerina Zhigulich is on the list of a big international competition for young and emerging fashion designers Habitus Baltija. She'll represent Riga Technical University and show her unbelievably gorgeous collection Frost In Spring ("Salna Parasarī''). You have already seen few pieces from the collection in our Katerina Zhigulich Christmas Story back in December. Can't even express how much I'm in love with that beige dress and transparent maxi piece. By the way, the last one originally should be worn with a nude colored body underneath that brings a moment of intrigue. You guys just need to make sure you are there to see the show with your own eyes. Habitus Baltija will take place in mid-April in Riga. Chances are I'll be there supporting our young talent. And, yes, we are planning to shoot a few more stories with Katerina Zhigulich, as I discovered a couple of interesting pieces in her magical arsenal. We are just in a desperate need of hot sunny days.
Meanwhile, today's look is taking us back to all snow everywhere days. The days, I hope, that left for good till November-December. To be honest, I guess I'll miss snow to some extent. I find white snowy background quite cool and magical, and the one that sets you a certain kind of mood. Well, enough about snow. Let's get back to the look. Funny, but after previous story about Veretteno, I'm again back on track with kind of supporting #madeinLatvia tag (or put it digitally, hashtag). This time it's all about Vaide, an iconic Latvian brand, and this plaid pencil skirt. Adding some basics, adding some color, adding ''triple chocolate'' booties and voila! We are already making a very first step in March.

Look of the Day
Zara coat
Shahtoosh scarf from Pakistan
Centro booties
Fiorelli Belinda Grab bag

Photo: T. Egorova