Red as an ultimate devil color. 

Was re-watching the Devil Wears Prada movie the other day. I've already lost count to how many times I have seen it. I guess this movie will never get old. Simply because it's so much fun. And every time I watch it I still hope for Andy, the main character played by Anna Hathaway, to stay with Miranda. I love Miranda, to a certain extent, I mean she seems to be insensitive, cold and supercilious, but what do you expect from the editor-in-chief of a highly respected international fashion magazine? 
To me being tough and straightforward is an essential feature a person needs to possess in order to head a really big company. Regardless the field that company operates in. This point takes me back to the Jobs movie with Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs. Happened to watch this movie several times, not on purpose though. Remember that Kutcher's character said that he needed to act this way, being strict and demanding, just because he is leading and inspiring the ones who work with him? So going back to Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada it's somehow understandable why she keeps acting this way. First of all, the work of editor-in-chief is about leading a huge group of people and setting tasks to everyone. Secondly, the work of the editor-in-chief and everyone else involved in fashion is about predicting. Predicting trends, must-haves and all that stuff for even months ahead. Who would be able to stay a super sweet person in such a pace?
Why I actually attempted to bring up the Devil Wears Prada topic was that though expressed by Miranda at the very end of the movie. While having a car ride in Paris, Miranda told Andy that there are millions of girls out there who are willing to take their places, especially Andys's one. And then Andy left. Just like that. It made me question if there really are such girls who would use the world of fashion simply to pursue own dreams or better call it goals and then go live another, put it non-glamorous, life. There really are millions, okay thousands, of girls for whom it could be a dream job to be an assistant for editor-in-chief, to have a chance to travel and wear all those beautiful designer pieces. Sure it shouldn't be a goal itself for someone who wants to make it in fashion, but still it's a part of that life girls, as well as boys, dream about. But you know you need to work hard and stay true to your dreams just to get it all. 
I started this story with a statement that red is a color of devil. Lets put aside that it's also associated with passion, love, etc. That's what this coat is doing to me. Turning into a lovely devil. It's been... 2 years since I got this Zara coat, but I can't get enough of it. I do get tired of it, so simply switch to something else, but always keep coming back to it. Just like this time, when I added it to turtle neck, tartan skirt and over the knee booties combination. Perfect splash of devilness on a black with a bit of white outfit.

Look of the Day
Zara wool coat
Amisu turtle neck
iCe tartan skirt
Aldo Horotten bag 

Photo: T. Egorova