The most controversial collection and fashion show of New York Fashion Week. 

New York Fashion Week of Autumn/Winter 2015 just closed its doors. But right after the end of Kanye West Adidas Originals fashion show it was clear that this collection is to be named the most controversial of them all. 
I didn't really plan at any point to write an Industry Insight about Kanye's collaboration with Adidas. Will make it clear straightaway - I have nothing against this collection or what Kanye's attempts in design field or Kanye himself. In my opinion he's great. I don't put him as my own role model or idol or something like that. I find myself having respect towards him as a human and a go-getter. He's real center is music, but parallel to that he's still trying to find his own self in fashion, i.e. in design, maybe it should better be named creative director. And the second one is not coming that easy for him. It's obvious. So what really got me to this moment when I'm sitting in front of the laptop and putting my own thoughts about Kanye West's collection for Adidas Originals was the interview that Dirk Standen, editor-in-chief of STYLE.COM, had with Kanye a couple of days after the show. By the way, you can read the interview right HERE.
The focus here is that West was aiming to produce simple yet interesting stuff that most of ordinary people could afford. Without traditional chic-y fabrics, over embellishments that ready-to-wear is famous for. The focus is on Adidas sport aesthetics with some grunge, military and casualness. Plus female bodies. And that's interesting. Kanye did really put some emphasis on female body, on different types. More realistic ones rather than a model-type. I guess through transparent stocking-like fabric suits he was addressing the message that women should not be afraid of their body types. To me it was a showcase of real life bodies. Of course, sporting such kind of suit just like that in the streets would be... not a really wise decision. But, if you play the "mix and match" game right, lets say, combine it with over-sized sweater, like the one from the images below, or even something like a long vest that will be buttoned up, plus a pair of biker boots or sneakers - I believe such a combo will look just awesome. Am curious now, if these pieces, the transparent body-suits, are actually coming to stores? Or they will rather be kept for editorials and celebrity street styles? 
You know what I can smell coming back in Autumn/Winter 2015 season? Colorful tights. There have been times, when it was a really cool thing. I was still at school those years and was getting both colorful and pattern tights literally in boxes. Since it's been mainly black and nude ones, and glittered. Will be interesting to see, if some bold orange or nearly crystal white tights will be all around everywhere. What really kept my eye in this collection was the outerwear. Both for men and women. Big absolutely simple jackets, over sized bombers that petite girls can wear as proper dresses and sheepskin coats in different styles. Cool addition to your basics straight from the runway. 
But lets put the collection aside. Lets go back to the story behind it. It was stated in that interview that it took Kanye 18 months, i.e. 1,5 years to bring the collection to life. It just sounds a bit crazy, as usually it takes around half a year, can be even less, because designers and brands are trying to meet the Fashion Week schedules. But, yes, Kanye is not a designer, moreover, he is not aiming to be named one, which I think is totally honest. So it took 18 months and zillion of  meetings with CEO's, actual Adidas designers, production people and many more to set all the financial boundaries and clear the design ideas. And the thing is that Kanye West does understand the fashion industry from the inside, an understanding that not everyone has. Yet he stays true to his own vision of his, lets aim or task, in terms of fashion. I mean it's pretty brave of him to get into another design collaboration after ''two poorly received Ready-to-wear collections he showed in Paris in 2011/2012'' if I am to quote STYLE.COM. After a so-called failure he still decided to return, this time with sport-centered Adidas Originals. Success or another failure? This question should be addressed to financial department of Adidas when the collection will hit the stores. Because it's going to be the actual customers, who will evaluate the success of this collaboration, simply because Kanye did it all for people out there.  A very Robin Hood approach, don't you think?

Photo Courtesy: Alessandro Garofalo/ via STYLE.COM