Spring touch to iconic Veretteno headpiece. My very first Veretteno headpiece. 

By now most of you already know that Russian elements happen to be an essential part of my style: pavloposadskyi scarf, ushanka hat, fur forage-cap and now this crown. Though Veretteno headpieces can't be considered as purely Russian ones. The crowns made of cotton, satin, velvet and decorated with fur, Swarovsky crystals, hand-painting are products of inspiration that Karina and Vika found in traditional Russian kokoshnik. Kokoshnik is quite massive accessory, but girls went for a miniature version and made game with fabrics and decoration their main center. Therefore, by means of such approach Veretteno crowns received a very modern touch. 
A couple of months ago, right after the official launch of the brand and little private presentation, I wrote a story about Veretteno. Almost everything what you need and want to know about who are these two amazingly talented girls and what headpieces are all about can be found in that story. Click HERE in case you missed it. So since that launch things moved pretty well for the brand. Apart from numerous press features in both digital and printed ones, I think I haven't shared the fact out here that I had an interview with girls for "Lublu!" magazine, plus Karina and Vika produced a cover photo in collaboration with famous Latvian photographer Juris Zaleskis and uber talented Latvian ballerina Evelina Godunova (needless to say that she is just meant to be brand's one and only ambassador, her beauty and personality is just equal to Veretteno's identity), Veretteno girls also had a TV moment during one of local morning shows, but most importantly they have created a lot of new crowns. After success of the first cotton collection, Veretteno had a Winter shift to satin and velvet fabrics, Swarovski crystals and fur. 
And here comes a very interesting fact on who really inspired the duo to create fur decorated crowns. Any ideas? It's a man that knows everything about fashion. A man whose knowledge in fashion and arts is so huge that you can't stop wondering how one person can keep all details about fashion history in his head. So the person is Alexandre Vassiliev, a fashion historian, probably the biggest private fashion collector, theater artist, interior designer, TV host - I guess this list can be endless, so we can just stop at this point. Happened so that right before Veretteno launch in Riga, Vassiliev was holding a speech at the State Duma of Russia. Now let me just quote that though: "You should stop wearing plastic flowers (i.e. sunglasses) that were made in Hong Kong on your head (rather than eyes); you have the right to order pearled kokoshnik with old-looking pattern and, at least once in your life, look decent". So was it the speech or personality of Alexandre Vassiliev that inspired Veretteno duo to create their very first fur crown. That crown, by the way, was delivered straight to Vassiliev's hands! Another thought expressed by Vassiliev during that speech was that kokoshnik (or a crown) should become an ideal family heirloom, therefore, mother or grandmother could pass it on to her daughter or granddaughter. Sounds good, right? Why not start tradition with Veretteno crowns? I mean it's a good quality cotton, put it even satin or velvet, if you store it right, it can serve you for years and more, plus nothing should really happen with plastic inside...     
Speaking about my first Veretteno piece. I finally got my hands on a very own piece of Veretteno crown. After ages of decision process on either I should get one from what girls already have or use own imagination and order one of a kind piece, like a friend of mine from London did, I got myself the one from Veretteno's Spring/Summer collection. From the moment I saw it on Veretteno's page I knew it's the one. I think this cotton fabric with a very Summer-inspired print is a real find. And perfect for the upcoming season. Plus black and white color combination is one of my favorites, so I had no single doubt that I want it. From a conversation with Vika I got to know that other color-combinations are on the way, more colorful and Spring-y ones, so you keep your eyes on Veretteno's Facebook page updates to have a chance of placing an order straightaway. Meanwhile, make sure to follow me on Instagram - instagram.com/practicalqueenap - to see the journey of #myVeretteno.

Photo:  T. Egorova