Officially announce Burberry Body my biggest perfume discovery of the year 2015. 

The story is that I tried the Body perfume once, years ago. I couldn't even remember what the fragrance was about. It's like vanished from my memory. Completely. The only thing I could remember is spraying it in a store. 
You know there are perfumes that leave a memory in your head, good, if you really like it, or bad, if it wasn't your kind of  fragrance. Burberry Body one didn't leave any single memory that time. I think it just because I wasn't  ready for it, I mean I was in a completely different state of mind. Back then only two Dior perfumes existed for me - Miss and Hypnotic Poison. I still consider Dior Hypnotic Poison to be the best perfume ever made. Mysterious and sensual at the same time. Something really Eastern style, if you know what I mean. I've been trying to give it a rest for a bit, so was in a search for a more light everyday option. And that's when the Body came. 
The funniest yet weirdest thing is that I didn't get it really myself. It was a partial reward for assisting one of the leading magazines in Latvia. It was quite a spontaneous choice and I couldn't remember anything about it's smell. It was my inner voice and it was right once again. I have to admit that the inner voice is my real savior in many situations. It just keeps pushing me the other direction. Just like in case with Body fragrance. 
Speaking about the smell of Burberry Body. It reminds me of a perfume my mom had when I was little. This thought have been striking my head ever since I opened the bottle. And in many reviews that I found on the Internet Russian-speaking ladies are also saying that it reminds the perfumes their mothers had around 1990-s. It's so totally beyond belief, as I remember being little, smelling those perfumes mom had and imaging something in my head. Something like... when I'll grow up... Like hey! I'm a grown up and here's a bottle of a very British fragrance in my hands.
Burberry is an iconic British brand. Burberry Body is a very British perfume. What could be the best setting for a British label that is world-known for trench coats? Of course a trench coat. So my recent find a London Fog trench happened to be a perfect match. The beige 'n' brown palette and crystal shape bottle look so casual yet it's calling you to put it on immediately. Both of it... 


Photo: A. Puzova, T. Egorova