Getting into a very Spring-y mood by matching orange colored details. 

So here we are, just two weeks away from official Spring. Don't know how you feel, but I can already feel Spring in the air. The sun is shining stronger and there is a heavy need for brighter colors. Still it gets really freezing at times, well most of the time, but I myself found a pretty fashionable yet comfy 'n' warm way to colorize the final stage of Winter. It's a new Centro boots with faux fur in a juicy orange color. I took the orange ones in order to co-ordinate it with my same color Furla Candy, need to admit that the combination turned to be really fantastic. And just to emphasize the juiciness more I matched it with black pieces and grey-ish faux fur jacket. Putting brightness over neutrals, I would say.
To tell the truth, since I got my first pair of triple chocolate booties from Centro, the ones that you've already seen in Into The Whites story, I really started falling for this brand. And apart from the shoes of today and those from the story mentioned above, I got two more pairs of booties, in brown and black. They are coming here a bit later, somewhere around March, but just to give you a clue, a piece of brown ones you have already seen in the Burberry Body story. Speaking about why I fell for this kind of brand... It's affordable yet the quality is not at the higher level, but I guess no one waits for a super quality for such kind of price. What really attracts me here is the style. I would say that out of everything Centro has in its store around half  is something I would wear, the other half is something similar to most of shoe stores around the town. Too many rhinestones, too many mismatching details or simply something like "I have no entire idea where should you work in order to put this your feet". There's a real problem in Latvia in terms of retail. Back in Summer I had a little moment of complaining on how hard it was for me to find a really cute dress and an elegant pair of nude colored heels. It felt like a total nightmare. Well, in terms of clothes you still can find casual, fashionable or elegant pieces, at least two. In case with shoes it's much harder. 
The second retail problem that comes after bad buying/buyers system is a relatively poor level of sales staff. What I mean by poor level of sales staff - it's a general misunderstanding of what their job is. It is totally seen and felt that people don't what to be here, right where they are at the moment. And this comes through all sort of stores - fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle and decor, etc. Maybe it's just me, who notices all that, but really annoyed faces and rude way of behavior and conversations just make me stay away from certain stores. I mean I know what it feels like to spend all day on your feet (I myself worked at a mass market fashion store in Riga, plus have applied to same kind of job with numerous big local retailers past Autumn and was "successfully" turned down either without any "Thank you, but you didn't get to the next stage" or received "Thank you, but we have nothing to offer you at the moment" reply, maybe it's that sign that tells me that sales person is not my kind of path?), assisting people and have a situations with very rude customers, but sales assistant works with people, with all kind of people, regarding their way of behavior, even nationality or religion. If you don't like working with people just do something else. From what I learnt during my university course, is that company has to pay attention to its employees, especially sales people and to choose candidates really carefully. From what I see in Latvian reality - there's still a very long way to go. 
I'm not saying I never had any negative store situations abroad. I had, but never as many as in Riga yet. And it makes me question in which direction is the retail system really going? And going back to Centro store, have to point out that in terms of store service and sales people in general, though it's a mass market, it's quite customer-friendly. I find sales people there always friendly and helpful, when I need them, plus I don't really need to call them every time you need to get my size, it's just out there, so I take it myself pretty easily. So in a country with poor level of retail system as a whole I find Centro store being one of those with a welcoming atmosphere. To finish my ballad that might seem harsh and negative let me say a few more words. I spent last three years making my brains analyze everything about this industry and elevating the problems, so not having three to four assignments per year I feel the need to release it all even in a less formal way. Moreover, I'm open to discussions in case you totally disagree (or agree) and would love to hear your stories about good/bag in-store experience (you don't necessarily need to mention the name of the store). Just feeling really curious now.

Look of the Day
H&M faux fut jacket
Reserved cable knit sweater
H&M skinny jeans

Photo: T. Egorova