When Summer Will Come

February 21, 2015 Vecāķi Beach

When Summer will come, I'll... 

How funny it is to find some lost and forgotten images. As if you open something new about that past moment. So I found these images from late Summer 2014 and it really brought Summer back in my mind. Seaside, warm wind in the hair and gorgeous bird-like Traffic People dress. Seems like a perfect moment that should be left in a picture.
You know, when looking through these pictures, I was wondering how much I wanted to do last Summer and haven't actually, kind of, achieved those goals. Then I found myself saying: "Okay, this Summer I'm gonna definitely do it". And I kind of started planning my Summer in my head. Creating a sort of "Summer Resolutions". You know everything about "New Year Resolutions" list, right? When you put all the important points of what you want to do/achieve in a new year. We all do. Even I started doing it like 2-3 years ago. Not all of the points happen to be achieved, but in my personal experience I found out that it really works. So when looking at the list at the very end of each year it comes as a surprise that I worked on most of my points without even remembering I had most of them on the list. But lets go back to Summer resolutions... 
I started creating them in my mind. Something like this Summer I'm going to spend all sunny days by the sea taking sunbaths, swimming in the sea, enjoying it all... It never works though. I keep saying that motivation-like sentence from above right before Summer season kicks off. Every single year. I was trying to remember when was the last time I really spent most of my Summer at the sea.  The only period I was really spending all my days at the sea was childhood. I've never been as dark skinned during Summer months, as when I was a little kid. I found myself more productive exactly during Summer months in terms of blogging, blogging my looks, ever since I started Practical Queen AP. It's understandable as last couple of years I've been attending university, so my focus on blogging looks came with Summer holidays. While now during Winter period I simply find it unbelievably freezing to shot looks that often. 
An idea based on "New Year  Resolutions" list came to my mind. What if I do a list of my Summer resolutions? Or should we call it better "To-Do" list? Where I could put the most global points regarding the most awaited season of the year. I mean we all are waiting for it, aren't we? We hit the gym heavily to get bodies prepared for bikini season, we do much shopping to get our wardrobes prepared, etc. No, no. I'm not going to put hit the gym on my Summer to-do's. I already have it in my New Year's one. Need to dig in my head for some good proper 10 points. I feel brainstorming on the way...

Traffic People dress

Photo: T. Egorova

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