Retro vibes in the narrow streets of the Old Town. 
And again retro inspired outfit. And again historical background. Keep repeating it every single time, but been in a mood for retro looks lately. It just so interesting to match pieces together and see the outcome. If we speak about the outfit of today, straight from the beginning I knew that the fur forage-cap will go awesomely cool with the jacket-blazer simply because it has fur collar. The moment this pair came to my mind, I started to see the clear picture of how the total combination should look like. Having visualised the look, I started looking for trousers. It took me a little more time to find the perfect pair, but the outcome is similar to the image I had in my mind.  
Meanwhile, the last couple of days have been pretty busy due to Riga Fashion Week Autumn/Winter session. Have already seen the runway shows of QooQoo that opened this fashion week, Alexandra Westfal, Natalija Jansone, One Wolf and Narciss. And more are yet to come! Am so overfilled with emotions and impressions! Seriously, can't wait to sit down and start writing reviews. Just like with previous Riga Fashion Week articles, I'm going to write a single designer/brand story revealing the collection and own impressions. Next week is going to be really fruitful on Practical Queen AP so make sure to stay tuned.
 To finish off , I just want to say that am honored to be on board of so many runway shows hosted by emerging and already experienced Latvian designers. Feeling blessed to be able to see the shows of Alexandra Westfal, One Wolf, Narciss, Paviljons and Liga Banga for the very first time. Feels cool to see Natalija Jansone and Inga Nipane once again after Riga Fashion Mood back in October. And, finally, it already feels so natural to be welcomed at the shows of QooQoo, NOLO, Katya Katya Shehurina and Amoralle. I really appreciate the kind of friendly relations with these brands. Well, it's time to get ready for a new busy day, probably the busiest one. Oh, and don't forget to follow me on Instagram - - to get the latest updates from my Riga Fashion Week journey!

Look of the Day
Vintage fur forage-cap
Vintage jacket
Monsoon trousers
Miss Selfridge ankle boots
New Look saddle bag

Photo: T. Egorova