Crazy about fashion? Love discounts? Addicted to Instagram? Then WEST EGG is made for you. 

New applications and websites keep popping all the time. While some of them seem to be totally identical in their ideas, WEST EGG's promise slash offer is something worth paying attention to. Its offering is a win - win situation for both sides.
WEST EGG is a member only community. How can you sign up? Through your Instagram account. We all have one these days. Additionally, you are required to provide an e-mail address after you sign up. Now the best thing about WEST EGG is that you can find designer and popular brand products for up to 80% off! Sounds cool, right? Why WEST EGG is being so generous. The sine qua non (mandatory stipulation) is that you have to take a picture of yourself modeling the purchased product, upload it on Instagram, tag and the brand you are modeling, plus support it with a hashtag #becomethemodel. As simple as that. This not only gives you a chance to pay less for the product, authors of the best photos can get a chance to become a real life models for those brands featured on WEST EGG or get additional discounts. So why don't you use a chance to become a model today? Sure you have that favorite pose of yours, so strike it and take a photo!
Important notice. If you don't upload the picture during  2 weeks time frame, starting from the moment the goods are delivered to your door, WEST EGG will charge you the full price for the product. 
And the very last piece of information. A very tasty piece of news. Get another 10% off everything on using the promo code 'wearwestegg'! Viva la online shopping! Viva la discounts! Viva la promo codes! Viva la WEST EGG!