Never ever underestimate the power of vintage shopping. 

I've been waiting for quite a long time now to share some of my thoughts regarding vintage. Was just waiting for an appropriate story. And here it is. Two vintage pieces in one outfit - grandma's chiffon dress and fur forage-cap I found in one of Riga's stores.
Basically, I do divide my vintage collection that expands all the time into two categories. First one consists of vintage stuff that comes from my family members. Just like the dress of today's story. It's purest vintage dress that my granny used to wear in her 20-ies, I know I mention this fact every single time the dress appears on the blog. Okay, lets take a fur coat in brown from one of the latest stories Purple Wall, it's from my aunty's wardrobe, or another midi dress from the Midi Length story, it's my mom's school graduation dress. Pretty impressive how over time all these pieces managed to retain all its natural beauty. And am really honored that my family, especially granny, understand the meaning of such treasures. The second category are vintage pieces I do find myself. It's today's forage-cap, light jacket from the Hair Tuck story, utterly cool white blouse from Long Live May. Have to admit that over the past three years I've really been on a hunt for vintage.
Vintage is on the rise right now. If some 10 years ago vintage would be of a high interest for someone like Alexandre Vassiliev, one of the biggest private collectors of our times, now it's of a highest interest for many people in a fashion industry. Everything old, really old, not imitation, is popular today. Starting with clothes and finishing with china and furniture. It's a sort of giving a new life to old things and showing off the respect towards past at the same time. My interest in vintage was born thanks to Alexandre Vassiliev and his collections that he keeps showing to public by means of exhibitions. Different decades, different designers, masters of fashion, worldwide known masterpieces. Vassiliev's exhibitions are always a source of inspiration and huge, enormous, fashion studies. It was him, who once during his stay in Riga, can't remember, if it was at the exhibition opening or during one of Vassiliev's lectures, said that there are little stores around the town he finds interesting. Since then whenever I come across little, interesting, inviting or even weird a la vintage stores, I do always go inside. And have to say that I leave some of these places with either little brooches or coolest hats or something else that I find would perfectly suit my style and wardrobe. 
Predicting your possible question: "Is a hunt, or shopping, for vintage a skill that you are born with or something you can master?". I believe that almost every skill in this world can be mastered. It requires time, strive for development and genuine interest. Two years ago I would never dare to get a fur forage-cap. The biggest I could go for could be a brooch or bracelet. Time goes by and now I keep my eyes opened while looking through vintage clothing and accessories. One of my latest finds are a tweed blazer with natural astrakhan fur collar and leather trench coat in deep green color. 
Talking about today's outfit. I knew right from the beginning that sooner or later I'll bring this combination of granny's dress and fur forage-cap to life. It just looks too Russian, too Soviet-inspired. My heart and blood just ask for it. And, yes, the forage-cap is a genuine fur that I got for almost nothing. Vintage store sales are pure heaven on Earth!          

Look of the Day
Vintage fur forage-cap
Zara coat
Vintage chiffon dress
LAMBADA.LV over the knee boots
New Look croc print flap saddle

Photo: T. Egorova