Three contrasting colors and fur hat story. 

Apart from going for such color combo, I'm going totally mad about blog story schedule that is already planed weeks ahead. By the time I started writing this story the other four had already been finished. Plus the next week stories have already been scheduled and as soon as I finish with this one, I'll hop on working on next ones.
Found out that working weeks in advance on a 5 day story schedule is so much more convenient. It means that I have some time to put all my endless thoughts together and somehow transform it on the digital paper. The reason why I had this shift, as previously I did work on every single story either the night before or twenty-four hours before, comes from tones of ideas that are bombarding my head recently. I have these interesting Industry Insight ideas popping all the time. So much interesting stuff is happening in fashion industry these days, I barely have time to keep up with information flow. My brains have worked that hard only when the deadlines of course works were few days away. When I, accompanied by university mates, used almost not to sleep for days. At such times I regret we have only 24 hours in a day and only 7 days in a week. At times I even dream of having two heads and four hands. It would be so much easier, seriously. I wonder, if you need to be a robot to be able to keep up with digital fashion thing.  
Changes come also due to introduction of the Trend Report section. Before I was trying to stay away from this kind of stuff on suggesting this and that and much more else. The thing is since I had this job of a freelance journalist in one of local magazines, where most of the time I was involved in styling slash trend advice kind of reports, I really felt that my readers right here would be interested in getting some cool propositions regarding the latest trends. Now I really really hope that Anna Wintour would never ever see these lines. Otherwise, I feel I'll get burnt for the abuse of a dirty-dirty "trend" word.  So, yes, regarding this section we have a lot of interesting topics to cover.
Outfit of the day. I believe, honestly, that this is the farewell with fur hats. Farewell with fur in its massive use. Taking into consideration that Latvian weather is very unpredictable and it still can get breezy pretty easy throughout March and April, I'm cautious with such farewells. But I won't be cautious when using some brights, like red and even pink.   

Look of the Day
Made to order fur bubble hat
Zara coat
Nicolette New York dogtooth sweater
H&M jeans
Miss Selfridge ankle boots
Jenny Fairy backpack

Photo: T. Egorova