The wall that reminds you of lavender fields... 

What that purple wall really reminded me of, in first place, was the song "Purple Hills" (or pills?) by D12. I think that's what awkward moment looks like. Why would someone think of  ''purple hills'' song when coming across such wall? I'm 90-ies kid, who grew up on such kind of music. I mean ''Purple Hills'' and other Eminem/D12 songs were everywhere those times. MTV was one of maybe few musical channels we had and we used to watch it almost non-stop. I clearly remember the picture of me and my brother (who's 4 years older) watching the ''Purple Hills'' video and jumping all over the couch as if we were in that car as well. Oh that childhood.
Going back to the purple wall topic. The moment I saw it from the distance, I totally knew it's a perfect location. It also somehow reminds me of that pink wall in Los Angeles which almost everyone use as a background. As far as I'm concerned, that wall belongs to Paul Smith's Los Angeles store. I came to this conclusion while writing the coursework on Paul Smith back in university. Have no idea how it looks like in real life, but in images it seems to be a dream destination both outside (those pink walls are just calling for you) and inside, Paul Smith stores are always an adventure. Purple wall is certainly something totally opposite to what we are used to have around the city. A splash of color, the way I usually describe such stuff, in a dull kingdom.  Lately I've been on a hunt for such interesting and new places. I feel like discovering little, secret and, of course, eye-catchy places that are hidden all over Riga and beyond. I'm sure there's still a lot to be found.
If you remember few weeks ago I gave you a little hint about my growing Centro shoes collection. So here's another pair. The black one. That time I went a bit mad and got two pairs, while still wondering why do I need another black booties. The thing is you can never have too many. Especially, when new ones are half covered with studs. A perfect match for leather and fur.   

Look of the Day
Vintage fur coat
Colloseum leather trousers
Centro booties

Photo: T. Egorova