From a girl who thought that hats are not her kind of accessory to the queen of hats. 

Till couple of years ago I was a believer that hats don't suit me. At all. Was it the state of mind, or physical state, that I was meant to reach or some other changes that made me look at the hat thing in a completely other way. I can't define it. Or was it more of a style shift, style searches, that made me realize that there are certain hat styles that suit me. I tend to describe my hat collection as something elegant, something retro, something charming, something chic, something fur and something... Breton Cap. I wouldn't really put the Breton Cap into any category from the above. It's so totally different from everything else I'm used to have. And still it's a perfect match for me. The beanies. I have a few and would put it in my hat collection as something knitted. Now knitted hats are the biggest problem makers for me. I sometimes even envy the girls, who look astonishing in beanies. The only ones I really can afford are the pom pom ones, without it I look like a total weirdo. And as beanies without pom poms are really hot at the moment, it's now understandable why I don't have one. I'm a weirdo. 
But hey look at my recent hat finds. The fur forage-cap, you have already seen it in a Fur Forage Cap story and it's coming back as a part of a totally new outfit this week, and this pillbox hat with some feathers involved, and vintage touch. I feel like falling for retro classic kind of thing. Such hats are real statements if combined well. And, if you remember, in the very first Trend Report we talked about veils that are going to be hot over the next couple of months, and maybe even longer. Am now thinking that veil would go perfect with this pillbox cute-y. Looks like I have a new fashion target to hunt for.
In today's outfit I decided to play it "retro meets the fashion of today". Contrasting yet perfectly matching colors, simple lines and retro-feminine touch. And as a background I have one of the most historically beautiful, wait what am I saying, the most historically beautiful area in Riga - Alberta street. The street that literally made this little Eastern European city famous around the world. It's full of architecturally gorgeous Art Noveau buildings, I already told you a bit about it in one of the Hometown Glory stories. Back in late 2013. Seems ages ago! Never thought that this street can be a perfect match for any of my outfits. 

Look of the Day
Vintage hat
Capriola coat
Atmosphere dress
LAMBADA.LV over the knee boots
New Look croc print flap saddle

Photo: T. Egorova