Strong and unbeatably charming woman by Alexandra Westfal. 

It is always nice to observe the development of young and talented designers. Especially, the Latvian ones. One of them is sweet and always smiling Alexandra Westfal. Not that long ago the designer moved to Moscow, but she still remembers about her little city of Riga, where it all started. And this time she is back to Riga Fashion Week with the new Autumn/Winter 2015 collection.

Alexandra Westfal is a designer with her own aesthetics. Her women are strong and independent creatures with personality that goes first. Westfal's women never step back, the only direction they go is forward. Such kind of women can be found in the new collection as well. The runway show started with a video in which the idea of the collection was presented - the theme of fencing that was translated by means of details. The collection is based on simple yet strong colors - black, white and red. Light fabrics in some cases are mixed with more dense ones, simplest skirts, dresses and jackets are finished with lacing details, while other garments have fur details involved. The designer even found some place for knits that either go on its own as a statement red dress or as a separate top-slash-sweater. In all this game of details and fabrics there still is something to be said about the collection as a whole. It's the actual simplicity. You can easily incorporate every single garment in your daily looks, night out with friends looks and special dinner looks. The kind of pieces women with strong personalities can easily relate themselves with.

What really got us going is the way veils were introduced. Remember the masks that fencers wear to protect faces? Now look once again at these Alexandra Westfal veils. Found similarities? Who would have thought that fencing masks could serve as a source of fashion inspiration? Yes, we have seen the fencing mask inspired head pieces before. To name few, it's Phillip Treacy and Viktor & Rolf. But those pieces were art products rather than something you could easily wear in the street. And I have to say that this new approach to veils is more appealing than the ones we saw during Paris Couture Week back in January. We saw traditional kind of veils by Giambattista Valli and hat-plus-veil combinations by Chanel, now here's an elegantly fashionable version that will easily turn you into a warrior woman. An Alexandra Westfal warrior. No doubt these veils a la fencing masks are going to be BIG in the following Fall season.