High class elegance by Latvian label Anna Led. 

The new Autumn/Winter collection holds a very interesting name - 'Skyfall'. Now the fans of James Bond movies might think that the designer Anna Ledskalnina drew inspiration from one of the latest sequels about the most handsome agent of all time. Not really. But who knows.. these Anna Led's women can easily take a role of Bond's new lady or even become a new 'James Bond in a skirt'. The Latvian type of Mr. Bond. Just think about it - a lady entering the restaurant wearing one of these trouser combinations and saying; "My name is Led. Anna Led". Sounds so fashionable.

After a very print-full and pattern-rich Spring/Summer collection Anna Ledskalnina decided to go back to basics - a selection of high quality chic and most importantly natural fabrics that her brand is famous for. You can easily see the following season getting overfilled with wool, tweed and pressed mohair. A so-called very elegant and soft touch. In terms of color the 'Skyfall' collection is about neutrals and milds. The powder pink will emphasize your natural beauty and fresh post-Summer skin, while mild yellow will be a symbol of the last rays of sun.
An intellectual elegance that's how you can characterize this new Anna Led collection. It's not a simple or Baltic kind of elegance. These women are real modern day intellectuals. They know everything about personal style and latest fashion trends. These women know everything about beauty, art, literature and much more. These women know that mixing trousers and tops of the same color or nearly similar colors is an expression of a good taste. These women know that putting a turtle neck under a slightly fringed top-skirt combination will make them street style stars.

Anna Led women also are aware of a new accessory-centered tendency - if you want to emphasize your waist, then put a contrasting colored belt of a flexible fabric on and leave one side free. Put a belt on ever a dress or a coat, it'll look utterly stylish. Now fur clutch bags. These bags come as another statement accessory of this 'Skyfall' collection. Made of different fur types and various colors these bags will be seen in the hands of the leading fashionistas around the world. My favorite ones are of red and soft pink colors. The trick is to put the bags as a contrasting element of your Fall outfits.