Structured feminine silhouettes by emerging designer Inga Nipane. 

It's been a good half a year since I first saw IN by Inga Nipane designs at Riga Fashion Mood. Nipane's medieval collection left a positive aftertaste. Discreet elegance of her garments and wearability of every single garment seems to conquer you. You can read more about my first impression HERE. So after such a first acquaintanceship I was looking forward to see what designer prepared in her new Autumn/Winter collection.

Comparing the two collection one can easily say that even being an emerging designer Inga Nipane has already found her unique style. Silhouettes that is the center for IN by Inga Nipane. Perfectly structured female silhouettes. And details. Having quite a simple preference in terms of forms and cuts, the designer plays around details. So the dresses don't look that boring or conservative.
The designer stays true to herself even in terms of garments. It's again about dresses and skirts. Military-sque elements had gone giving way to ornate patterns and straight lines. Neutral shades of grey and black saw an addition in the face of statement reds and blues. A little combination game of fabrics can be spotted as well. 

What I really like about IN by Inga Nipane is the way the designer presents the maxi dresses made of dense fabrics. She is probably one of few Latvian designers who use this approach in maxi dresses. Therefore, these garments look appropriate for out Autumn/Winter season.
I have already mentioned it above, but feel like sharing just few more words on wearability topic. Inga Nipane definitely has that kind of multitasking woman in her mind when it comes to design. Woman of today is able to perform numerous tasks throughout the day. She spends some good 8 hours at the office, attends public places like theater and opera, private parties where she can socialize with elite, while at the end of the day she can be an ordinary housewife. Modern woman might not have time to change outfit while on the way to another premiere or opening, therefore, she wouldn't mind going for IN by Inga Nipane piece that will look elegant in every situation...