Urbanistic debut of an emerging Latvian label it'sMe. 

This Riga Fashion Week session was marked with various things, among which is a debut runway show of a newborn Latvian label it'sMe. What you think of such a name? Sounds like something young, fresh, urban and with a statement. As if the brand is answering instead of the wearer - 'Hey, it's Me and nobody else'. Here's a motto of it'sMe, or, at least, it sounds like the one: "No matter what She does in this city, She succeeds and looks great..." Here we go with understanding what the brand is all about. First of all, it is a womenswear label. Secondly, these women are single-minded and with own outlooks for fashion.

This first collection of it'sMe was created in collaboration with Artis Shtamguts. The graduate of the Art Academy of Latvia and the lecturer of this academy now, the designer is known for his construction approach that is, according to Shtamguts, as important as fabrics and colors. And in the Autumn/Winter collection we see this game of construction very clearly. It's in the jackets, first of all, in the forms and in the lines. Have to point out that outerwear seems to play a very important part in this collection and I might suggest that it can be the very core of the brand, if we analyze the collection more deeply. The jackets and coats with high collars that simply close half of your face are not only perfectly constructed, they are the symbol of modern urbanity. Plus look at the collar lines of other garments, they are nearly the same, therefore, we need to admit that Artis Shtamguts and it'sMe had the style-plus-protection idea in their minds while designing this collection.

So the it'sMe women, as it was already mentioned above, have their very own point of view towards fashion, personal style and trends. It's a perfect synergy of personal style and fashion. Even if this woman is in a rush, she will look great and most importantly fresh. And we all know the golden truth, if a woman knows she looks at her best, she will conquer the world just like that.
The first it'sMe runway show got me interested. I feel curious now what the brand is going to show in the nearest future. Is Shtamguts going to stay? Will the brand partner up with other designers in the future? The label seem to point out the niche it aims at. Plus it feels the team has the aspiration to share their vision, which is really important in this industry. So am in anticipation of Spring/Summer collection, if I got the label's concept right, it should be interesting.