Līga Banga makes black the new black in 'Visuals. Adjusted' collection. 

If you are an 'all black everything' fan, then you definitely need to look at this Liga Banga's Autumn/Winter collection. If you want to go back to 1990-s without time machine, then get yourself something from Liga Banga's 'Visuals'. If you think that runway is not a place for real personalities, then think once again and have a look at Liga Banga's Fall runway show.

On one hand, it seem like only yesterday it was an era of 1990-s. On the other hand, you realize it's been some good two decades ago. So many thing happened, so much time passed since then. For some of us it was a decade of our childhood years, for the other it was a decade of teen years... In few words, it was a good time. Past always seems to be attracting, just like future. So designer Liga Banga decided to center her attention exactly on the 1990-s.
Workwear style jumpsuits, hooded sweatshirts, cropped pieces, layering, tricky structures - it all brings us back to the 1990-s. Or put it better, brings 1990-s to our modern day life. If you take only black color to the runway, you need to play with forms - designer Liga Banga knows it pretty well. Collection that from the first sight looks very minimalistic is much more complicated and carries a hidden meaning. "Less is more" -  that might have been the motto of the designer.

Black is probably one of the most fashionable colors. The color of intellectuals. The color of interesting personalities. And by far the most popular color in Latvia. Liga Banga decided to stay away from color palette, but rather to play with forms. We are familiar with axiom of fashion: "If you want to attract attention - play with colors, ideally bold ones. If you want to put your personality and intelligence first, there's no better color than black".
What was so special about Liga Banga's 'Visuals. Adjusted' collection is the use of real life personalities. The designer made a statement by putting real people on the runway together with models. And I have to say, it was a wise trick. It only made the collection more appealing. The girl with tattoos all over her hands and body that you could see through unzipped jumpsuit. The man with long hair, massive beard and little braid that goes all the way to the front, so you could easily notice it, also in a workwear-inspired jumpsuit. These people feel comfortable with their own selves. These people feel comfortable in these black clothes. So what stops you from joining them?