NARCISS and the 'Carousel' of fun and bright colors. 

When designing the new Autumn/Winter 2015 collection the designer Alise Trautmane drew inspiration from such an attraction as carousel. As we know, carousel is all about fun, artificial horses (and other type of rides), colors and light. We all enjoyed carousel back in childhood. Some of us still enjoy it even being adults. And now NARCISS brings this attraction to fashion.

The carousel of NARCISS is full of lively colors, astonishing game of fabrics and interesting details. Dresses with colorful zips on the back side, lama fur decoration on the pockets, I guess it's needless to say that fur pockets turned to be a distinctive feature of the brand that keeps attracting more and more fashionistas to join the NARCISS army, pom poms that with a light hand of designer Alise Trautmane jump from beanies straight to knitted socks - it all makes you fall in love with this Latvian brand. It all makes you want to colorize the gloominess of the following season with bright colors.
Now the color blocking. The combination of colors in this collection can be characterized as pure art. Seriously. Orange comes together with blue and yellow, yellow comes together with pink creating a total splash of happiness, orange comes together in different shades and textures, neutral greys and black, in turn, get bombastic color updates. It seems to me that Alise Trautmane is the owner of a very special color mix skill...

Let me point out one piece of this 'Carousell' collection - it's bright lama fur head piece. Remember the similar hats in panda, bear and other animal inspirations? Couple of seasons ago these hats were a popular mass market trend that seems to fade by now. Well, after the NARCISS runway show we can say that these hats are officially coming back in Fall 2015, but this time it's made of bright lama fur, ideally yellow (it will remind you of sunny summer days). Once animal-looking pieces now get an elegant and creative upgrade. And we all love it!