London through the eyes of one and only Natalija Jansone. 

Natalija Jansone Autumn/Winter 2015 collection is inspired by London. Neutral colors with a bit of pastels and dominance of darker shades, tricky structures created by drapery and folds and checked tights. These visual symbols take you to the streets of London...

No it's not how London street style fashion really looks like. At least, majority of modern street style heroes do not dress this very way. These garments remind you of London streets. The majesty of British architecture mixed with gloominess. If you ever happened to see such a picture while in London, then you surely know what I mean. And this is exactly the way you would dress up on a gloomy day in the capital of Great Britain, bundle up in a warm yet perfectly structured coat, preferably neutral colored, and add something punk-y, let's say checked tights. Because at the end of the day it's London and you can't be boring.
You know this collection sets a picture of good old days, when the country was still more conservative. Those days, when women would pay a little more attention to their daily appearance. Those women would go through the good old streets of London town that hasn't been touched by all those modern jungle aka glass building yet. There wouldn't be that many cars in the streets. Queen Elizabeth II would be younger than she is right now in 2015. And London would be covered with fog. And there come these ladies carrying their natural beauty through that fog and gloominess. I guess that's where Natalija Jansone's women of Fall 2015 collection are coming from. 

The designer, Natalija Jansone herself, states that London is her favorite capital. And I can't agree more with her. You can't escape but love this town with all its freedom and imperial majesty. You need to truly love this town in order to understand it. Its history, its architecture, its people, itself in terms of modern days. Only through understanding you can be able to create this storytelling, but to understand you, firstly, need to love it. Such a dilemma.
I've always loved Natalija Jansone as a designer. For her unique vision and style. And it was a strategic move of mine to take Natalija Jansone's brand for my Bachelor's diploma work. That deep research helped me to understand the brand much better, as well as the industry of Latvian fashion itself. And now, after this new 'London' collection, I have to declare that my heart was stolen by this designer once and for all.