The always interesting and the always special - NOLO. 

It was only the second time I've seen NOLO's runway show with my eyes. But can say for sure that this brand always keeps you interested throughout the show. It's always a perfect combination of season's trends and NOLO's unique signature style. Right before the show I was wondering what the new collection will be like. Is it going to be something similar to other designers? Or the designer will be able to translate own vision through every single piece?

The new collection of NOLO is inspired by 1970-s. The era that is going to be big this Spring/Summer season, will also stay with us for Fall according to NOLO. Modern women with that touch of 1970-s get upgrade thanks to masculine and childish elements. Little toys you could see attached to coats, dresses and belts are going to be BIG IT-accessories in the following season. It just looks funny, sweet and highly fashionable. And can easily be transformed on to bags further on. Apart from toys there are these retro-inspired telephone and mushroom prints used in some garments.
Fur comes as an essential fabric of NOLO's Fall collection. It is found in statement black fur coat and in patch worked colorful fur jacket. It is found on coat's collars and sleeves and on tops as decorative elements. It is found in details of a dress and in those toys attached to garments. But the most statement pieces are fur dresses. Especially the last one in snow white. NOLO's designer had the topic of fashion and comfort throughout Winter season in mind. It's a huge bravo!  

Now the fabrics. This topic needs to be discussed separately. In terms of fabrics the collection is highly rich. The designer played around fabrics a lot. Here you can find fur, cashmere, lace, chiffon, wool, mohair, jersey. And the fabrics are mixed together in a dress, in a coat, in a combination of separates. Combination of contrasting fabrics, dense and light, can be described as an art. And NOLO keeps mastering this art from season to season.
Mini dresses with nude turtle necks –∑opping here and there are MUST for Autumn. Take it with below the knee socks or take it on its own. Mini is the length to show your perfect legs off. If you don't feel ready for mini, then go for a lace dress. NOLO made sure there's the length for everyone. And don't forget to add that baldric-inspired belt, a bit of military-sque, but will bring that masculine touch to sensual lace. It will be cool to attach that funny toy and make the streets your own runway.