A very touristic menswear collection by Latvian One Wolf. 

New Autumn/Winter 2015 collection of One Wolf is about adventurous young men, who are ready to travel to the most remote places on the planet. He would easily go inside the jungle, ride an elephant, put cobra on his shoulders, travel to desert, sleep next to lion and swim together with alligators. He is a real enthusiast, who can easily find a common language with wildlife.

This menswear collection is made for real men, who are aware of fashion, but would like to maintain distinction between personal style and comfort. No, really. You won't see him taking a ride on an elephant wearing the latest trends from London Collections: Men. Our man would go for something more appropriate and with a pretty interesting name - One Wolf. It's like a single wolf, who lives on his own and sets own rules.
Bow tie happened to be an inspiration center for this Fall 2015 'Tourist' collection. Bow tie is an essential part of menswear wardrobe. Such an accessory that we are used to see as something elegant, sometimes highly fashionable, with a light hand of the designer was adopted in the new One Wolf's collection. We see a bow tie, but it's in a form of a butterfly! And we can see it coming in all different forms and colors. Interesting and funny, right? So our young tourist can remain a dandy even while being lost in a jungle.  

Let's go back to the collection. It's an obvious safari style. Lots of pockets, big pockets, all over vests and jackets, handsome shirts in a combination with knitted vests, trousers in a variety of lengths that go from casual maxi to knee-length and even get transformed into charming shorts. And here come interesting accessories. We have already talked about bow ties, but apart from it One Wolf has various hats and highly high socks, out tourist doesn't want to be bitten at the end of the day. In terms of colors the collection is made int he best traditions of safari style - blacks, beiges, greys.
While at the show I couldn't stop reminding myself of the show that every single Russian is familiar with - "In the Animal World". Remember Mr. Drozdov travelling to the most incredible places? Remember the music from that show (the Alouette/La Peregrinacion composition by Argentinean Ariel Ramirez)? In our minds this music associates with the Drozdov's show. And this music was used in One Wolf's runway show. So it brought me to conclusion that this collection is designer's attempt to simply bring the more modern version of enthusiast-Drozdov back to life. Don't you think so?