The first Riga Fashion Week show in the best traditions of young, wild and free... QooQoo. 

The most creative fashion show of Riga Fashion Week session in terms of collections and presentation, in the first place. The idea, the concept of presentation, the place and the partners - everything was a perfect match.

Let's start with the collection first. It was inspired by three Maybelline New York (important to mention that Latvian office of the beauty company teamed up with QooQoo to produce this 'Wild Child' collection) products - Baby Lips lip balm, Lash Sensational mascara and Master Graphic eye liner. The lipstick line that is full of delicious colors got transformed on to several QooQoo dresses. The mascara and eye liner touch, in turn, is seen in print styles, as if every print was hand drawn with it. Still the designer didn't forget about iconic QooQoo-shka's prints and appliques, the last ones this time popped on skirts and coats in a form of pockets. Leggigns are here as well. I guess it's really hard to imagine a QooQoo collection without at least one pair of leggings. So how should we look like in the following Autumn/Winter season according to designer Aljona Bauska? Young, fresh, funny and girl-y by pairing black and whites with some delicious pinks, by pairing leggings with loose fit tunic dresses and 1960's style dresses with oversize coats, by putting a beanie or Veretteno crown as the main accessory. Yes, you got it right. Veretteno had a debut runway moment during QooQoo fashion show (and I want to congratulate my favorite duo on this new step-achievement and such an interesting little collaboration). Now that is a statement -  you can pair an elegant crown with modern yet cool-y wild pieces.

The runway show. That was something that we are used to call a real storytelling on the runway. First of all, the place. D.Fab was probably the coolest option possible. An old fabric building that got renovated and turned into an IT-place for creativity of all forms. White interior, spiral staircases from which you could see models going down to the split-level podium and a big screen that did translate the show from different angles in the real time. So you could possibly notice several cameras placed around the place. Secondly, the opening. The opening, just like the show itself, was beyond words. A live performance by coolest MNTHA. Her looks, her style, her voice. I bet everyone will agree on the fact that Latvian music industry needed such a singer. She is so fresh and individual! Finally, the presentation of a new A/W 15 collection. It was all about the constant motion. Models went down the spiral staircase, stop by the make-up stand where the artist Dita Grauda would put the final make-up touch then rock the first two rows, go up the podium, move all over it, go down the podium and go up the stairs again. It was hard to follow every single model, but it was so picturesque!

You know for a moment endless 'Baby Wild' prints reminded me of Jeremy Scott's Barbie-inspired Spring/Summer 2015 collection for Moschino. The Barbie-sque prints all over garments and girl-y pink color. In fashion industry it's quite hard not to reference some collections, but don't be quick to call it imitation. Imitation is usually made by high street brands, when you can see the obvious replicas of Ready-to-Wear pieces. No need to set the examples, I believe. In casу with QooQoo's prints, it is done in brand's unique style. You may see or may not see those transparent references. One thing that really matters now - the Fall street style is going to go lady-wild thanks to QooQoo.

Photo: Jānis Lācis via Polhem PR Latvia