Colorful Italian Autumn on Latvian runway. 

It is always  pleasure to watch guest-designer brands from Italy. You can compare the Italian vision on fashion to the one of the Baltic designers. If you can somehow put Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian designer collection together so that they all symbolize our Baltic temperament, the Italians, in turn, stand on their own. And this exact Italian vision 'stand on our own', in other words, 'Italians do it better' led Italy to become one of fashion centers, while Milan have been ruling the fashion industry for some good time now together with New York, London and Paris.

Italians are known around the world for their Bella Vita (beautiful life) kind of lifestyle. These people want to look good always and by all means. And Italian designers know everything about creating such a lifestyle. Massimo Noli and Nicola Frau from Quattromani are these kind of Italian designers. Despite the fact that the duo brought the Autumn/Winter collection to the Eastern European country, which is known for its severe Winters, the collection itself is full of lively colors and tricky fabric combinations. Interesting patterns and funny prints make an obvious statement that Winter is not the reason to fall into melancholy. You can take one way ticket to somewhere like Italy and sport these Quattromani pieces. If you don't feel like leaving your hometown, especially if it's in Baltics, then put your fingers on the pieces with statement fur-ry details - coat with colored fur sleeves or a sweater with fur pom poms. I also find interesting this Italian approach to a little black dress. It just went sleeveless and got upgraded with blue colored trimming.

Speaking of the appropriateness of this Autumn/Winter collection by Quattromani. I admit, we all admit, it's not that practical for Latvian winter. But Italians are not Latvians. they do not think of practicality over fashion or personal style. These people are all about coolest outfits possible. It doesn't matter if it's Winter or Summer. Italians know how to pull that outfit no matter how low the temperature is. Just think of Anna Dello Russo. She could easily pull the fur-ry pom pom shorts combination off by putting her slender legs public. So, the message is clear - we still have a lot to learn from Italians in terms of fashion.