The season of weekend strolls along the sea is officially on. 

The perks of living in a little country by the sea is, firstly, a chance to always jump in a car and get to the seaside within an hour. It's always a chance to escape from the crowd and chaos of an urban environment. To me sea always has this peaceful magic with an ability to take  away all worries. It's like you one on one with sea having a pretty personal non-verbal conversation. Maybe these feelings come straight from my grandparents, who spent almost half of their lives in the sea. My grandfather was a mariner, granny spent many years on the ship as a cook, while granny's sister used to be a nurse. All three of them had traveled around the globe and met so many different people and cultures, but, most importantly, traveled through all the oceans. 
It's interesting how people used to travel by the sea before the airplanes managed to become kind of the comfiest and one of the fastest international transport. People are more likely now to go up over the clouds rather than join the blueness of an endless sea. I believe that this endless sea picture has unconditional beauty. The kind of beauty that mariners always see in their dreams till the very last breath. You know I've always been wondering what it really feels like for most of those people to stand out there every single day surrounded by water. Is it sometimes frightening? Or does it feel like a total freedom? Excitement? Or happiness? Uncertainty? 
I don't know how it feels. But I know for sure how it feels to stand in front of the Baltic sea and watch it washing the shores of Latvia. It is this exact feeling of peace and calmness. Baltics are really calm and humble. This is what have been bringing people from all over the world to this little country by the sea. I love warm time strolls along the sea. It's a sort of a weekend tradition for locals. I tried to make several outings to the seaside during winter, but since I'm not really cold weather friendly person, I've desperately been waiting for a much warmer days to finally kick off. And, since the calendar Spring just stepped in, I'm switching my sunny days radar on.

Look of the Day
Mango jacket
Laurel check sweater
Denim Co jeans
Jenny Fairy backpack
Centro fur boots

Photo: T. Egorova