Masculine touch meets 'made in Latvia' elegance. 

The second outfit of my Riga Fashion Week journey was about striped trouser suit and Veretteno crown. We have already covered the trouser suit topic in one of our Trend Reports. If you haven't tried this sort of a trend before, this Spring/Summer season is high time to suit yourself up.
So for the second day of the fashion week I went for striped separates. You might not really notice it, but this trousers and blazer combination didn't originally come as a two-piece suit. These are totally separate pieces from two different labels that I matched together in order to give an impression of an actual suit. The fact that trousers are of different fabrics and few tones darker than the blazer doesn't strike the eye that much. Plus, in my opinion, the darker shade of blazer or trousers, if we take a suit, is not considered a crime, on the contrary, it will only add more twist to your coordinates. In terms of pattern, stripes of my separates were a perfect match. It was stripe-case that made it look like a proper suit. The open sandal-like heels were chosen on purpose. If classic court shoes or ankle booties would make the outfit look too formal, the sandal boots from Asos did add that fashionable touch and made it look more dynamic.

When I was planning my Riga Fashion Week outfits, I had this idea of sporting my Veretteno crown at least once. So it happened. It took me quite some time to finally decide upon should my Veretteno go together with a dress or should it go together with trouser suit. As you already know, it was the trouser combination a la suit that got the upper hand. So here's a tip for those who still consider Veretteno crowns can only go good with feminine outfits, like dresses and skirt - add a bit of masculinity or formal stuff, it will set contrasting associations, but, at the same time, emphasize your crown more!
To finish the story off, I'm pleased to state that Veretteno crowns made a pretty strong fashion statement during the second day of Riga Fashion Week, when both of my ladies from Veretteno, Vika and Karina, and I appeared with crowns on our heads. Plus the crowns made it to Afisha Latvia list of 'Details of Riga Fashion Week'. For a note, all three crowns are from Veretteno Spring/Summer collection. Regarding the runway shows that were on the agenda of the day, it was about Alexandra Westfal's warrior women, Natālija Jansone's 'London', One Wolf's 'Tourist' and NARCISS's 'Carousel'. Read up more about each of the above by clicking on them and getting redirected straight to every single review.

Look of the Day:
Clockhouse blazer
Reserved top
Tiger trousers
Asos shoes 
New Look bag

Photo: T. Egorova