Tulips as the most symbolic flowers of Spring. 

I have never really thought about dividing flowers according to seasonality. I would rather break flowers down into those that I like the most and the least. Or those that characterize person the best. You surely know this thing that flowers do have own characters and can say a lot about this or that person. For example, roses symbolize beauty and love. Therefore, it is thought that people, who prefer roses are confident and self-sufficient, sometimes too aggressive and ambitious. Those who prefer tulips, in turn, are considered to be person with mystery. We see tulips as flexible and compressible flowers. And that's what tulip-people are all about. Carnation flowers, I guess are most popular across Eastern Europe and Russia, This flower is pretty formal. People, who like carnations are, surprisingly, characterized as masters of manipulation and utterly strong personalities...
Speaking of flower seasonality. This thought that certain flowers characterize each of four seasons came to me just some time ago. So to me roses are a perfect symbol of Winter - a bit restrained and cold due to its thorns. While camomile is an ultimate Summer flower. There's even nothing to discuss. It simply reminds you of sun, especially the yellow ones. What kind of flower would be perfect for Autumn? To me it would be lily. Some people would dispute that lily would rather go well for Spring or Summer due to its majesty and unbeatable beauty. But that's the thing. This majesty and beauty to me works amazing in Autumn. We still have Spring left. Am sure you already know what flowers I consider to be the best symbol of awakening season. It's tulips. I see tulips as charmingly beautiful flowers, simple yet mysterious at times. The process of buds opening and closing throughout the day is absolutely worth paying attention to. How buds open to the day light and how it closes when the darkness comes. Tulips are also among the most popular flowers on Women's Day. 
Last week we talked about Women's Day Outfit Ideas, where I proposed a lot of flower full inspirations. I myself went a little bit different direction. I went for this Baroque-inspired print dress from Ginger Fizz. By the way, they have a lot of  pieces with bombastic floral prints, you should definitely check them out. The dress in blooming pink print happened to be a perfect match for gently rosy and white tulips. It's all about coordinating outfit and flowers.

Look of the Day
Capriola coat
Ginger Fizz dress
LAMBADA.LV over the knee boots
New Look croc print flap saddle

Photo: T. Egorova