"So much yearning, loneliness and purely Russian sorrow was in her eyes... A special Russian spirit emanated from her." (V. Vasnetsov) 

Nothing comes better to describe this story than the quote by Russian artist and the author of the timeless classic 'Alyonushka' painting - Victor Vasnetsov.

Let's remind ourselves of that Vasnetsov's painting. Simple Russian girl by the pond surrounded by endless nature. What is she looking for? Serenity, solitude. She is longing for something. Maybe she even has no entire idea what she is yearning for. That's who they are, these Russian people, full of certain yearning and sorrow that comes as intruder in the moments of complete peace. Or solitude. "Russian sorrow" that's how Vasnetsov characterizes this feeling. So apart from indomitable nature and big soul the Russian spirit has a place for sorrow. You can find it in the eyes, according to Vasnetsov, when he was describing that girl he met in Ahtyrka and whose image, by the way, inspired him in 'Alyonushka' painting.
Why Alyonushka is pictured in nature, but not, let's say, in her little room with a candle during one of those late nights? Now this characterizes more a general human being rather than only Russian people. Nature is the answer. Where do people usually run in a search for serenity? Definitely not to the nearest cafe to indulge a cup of coffee. He seeks after the place that is less crowded and noisy - nature. It soothes, opens your mind, bring the really important things to the front, while taking all alluvial and bad away.

What concerns today story, it's a certain tribute to that Russian Alyonushka by Vasnetsov. I didn't really have her image in mind when shooting the story, but as a result that's what these images created in my mind - a modern version of Alyonushka. The modern day Alyonushka is aware of style and fashion, but still holds to some traditional pieces that are kept in her closet and Russian soul. Speaking of Veretteno crown that is actually a modern form of the good old kokoshnik, it did not only perfectly suit the outfit itself, it worked perfectly with the general concept of modern Alyonushka. I mean that both the character and kokoshnik in some form undertook the transformation in terms of modernity, while keeping the actual essence of itself.
Just like the timeless classic of art, i.e. the painting 'Alyonushka', that is still relevant today, I mean people still manage to find that meaning that painting holds relevant in the era of digital revolution, the image of Alyonushka can be found in modern world as well. She might not be that simple girl she used to be in her looks, you will rather recognize her by that special Russian spirit and sorrow in her eyes. Alyonushka is immortal, like the painting. Because at the end of the day 'Beauties never die'.

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Photo: T. Egorova