Slipping into sunny days with a new kind of sunglasses. 

Well,well. Last days, and basically weeks, have been reach in emotions and experiences. just yesterday I had a pleasure to join brunch at the first Dune London store in Latvia. Such an interesting presentation by Anita Altmane and entertaining atmosphere of the store inspired me to research the case of the brand a bit more and deliver a story. So lets wait and see what I will be able to dig out for you. Though the biggest highlight of the past weeks... no I'm lying, past months was my experience at Habitus Baltija 2015.

As I already said it in one of my latest stories, Habitus Baltija with Katerina Zhigulich, it really was one of those valuable career experiences. First of all, due to the fact that being at the backstage is so different to sitting out there in front of the runway. The backstage process is too challenging yet personal in a sense that you simply can't evaluate all the others afterwards. Plus it takes this kind of backstage experience to realize that all sort of criticism towards any runway show is inappropriate. Because at the end of the day you should pay tribute to the designer and the team, at least, for the fact it took each of them lots of effort and time they could easily invest in something more self-pleasurable. Restricting fashion only to clothes, trends, fashion shows and parties is probably the worst thing you could ever do to your own world outlook, as fashion stretches across all different kind of sectors. Everything that stays out of your eye-reach, all behind the scenes processes undertaken in the fashion industry are worth discovering.  Probably visiting a couple of manufacturers, textile fabrics, maisons and the list goes on and on are on my long-term career goal list. Because... once you get in, it's too hard to get out.
Secondly, apart from a box filled with experience I received a box full with questions. Everything I saw including several runway shows of emerging designers both from Latvia and abroad, as well as some of the winner-collections got me thinking pretty hard about what fashion really means to some people. Is it really worth investing own designer talent and money, lets be honest near to none of participants has powerful investors who can easily invest bags of money into some sort of craziness and creativity therefore backing up a young 'talent', into over-creative (or under-creative, that's what it seemed to me) pieces that are not going to pay you back any time in (nearest) future? Or does designer's mastership actually lies in sacrificing high quality (that is seen from far behind) over any sort of creativity? And what about sustainability? I think it's high time for this new generation of designers to address too-much-talked-about-recently sustainability issues by means of their creations. Fashion is a constantly changing and diverse environment and it seems to me that creativity-centered vision is not enough, anymore. So these are the kind of questions I've been addressing to myself over and over again trying to find a single answer, but it seems it'll take me decades of researching the industry in order to come closer in understanding it all...

Enough with questions for now. Lets shift towards more entertaining part of the story. The outfit. So being not a very sunglasses-friendly kind of a person just several years ago, this season I'm in a mood of trying coolest styles. And I couldn't find a better option to start with than big circled ones. Rounded shades have always reminded me of Ozzy Osbourne and 'Leon' movie, Jean Reno's character just started floating in your mind, right? But these are male characters, so when I think of women the hippie style comes to my mind. And as soon as hippies are back on track, so are the round shades. So I've been searching for this kind of sunglasses for some good time and found these coolest H&M ones. 
Having already filled my Summer wardrobe with numerous flares and other a la 70's pieces, I'm sure these shades will perfectly complement each and every single outfit. But for now I kept it all black everything with grey accents - good old boots and fringed bag. Just like round-shape sunglasses fringed bags are going to be massive statement and will match your denim 'n' suede outfits. So you better seriously consider trying these two pieces out. If you still are at research-and-inspiration stage for fringe bag, then I invite you to check out one of the latest Trend Reports once again, it's just right HERE.

Look of the Day:
Capriola coat
Amisu turtleneck
H&M jeans
Marks & Spencer boots
H&M bag

Photo: T. Egorova