Painting gloomy Latvian Spring with bright orange suede. 

My fourth Riga Fashion Week outfit was suede-ly rich. It's in the bold colored skirt suit and in the pointed ballerina flats. So it is quite fair to say that I was covered with suede, literally, from head to toes.

Just like in case with previous three outfits, this one was inspired by Trend Report that covered such a trend of the season, as suede. To be totally honest I got it almost straight after the report went live. Can't say I was really in a search of such a combination, but I've been paying attention to suede pieces. Having caught my eye on a screaming orange, I couldn't resist. 
Going back to the outfit itself. There's probably no better color than black that can be used as background. Looking at these pictures I came to conclusion that black did brighten the orange suede even more. Considering the fact that orange suede was a statement by itself, black pieces were taken the simplest ones - turtleneck, tights and flats. Though I did add one more accent in a face of a massive necklace that turned to suit this outfit ideally.

The shoes. Simple yet statement pointed toe ballerinas. After three days of non-stop killing my feet in heels I switched for flat shoes. Am getting increasingly convinced that I'm not a heel kind of a person anymore. I mean I am still addicted to high heels as it keeps attracting me more than, lets say, sport shoes or boots. I simply started listening my own self more and if my feet say 'enough' it means enough. Therefore, I always try to have a pair of flats with me. So, yes, in the beginning the look was meant to consist of court shoes, but I decided not to kill my feet more and gave an upper hand to pointed flats.
The fourth day of Riga Fashion Week was marked with the runway shows of three Latvian designers, whose collections I was looking forward to see. Firstly, it was emerging IN by Inga Nipane, had a chance to see her at Riga Fashion Mood for the very first time, so when I saw her name on the schedule of the fashion week I couldn't wait to reveal her new collection. Secondly, it was Anna Led's 'Skyfal' that conquered me with its intellectual elegance. And, finally, it was a two part runway show of Katya Katya Shehurina's 'Venice' with graceful evening and bridal gowns. 

Look of the Day:
Vintage suede suit
Amisu turtleneck
Asos pointed ballerina shoes
Lindex necklace
Jenny Fairy backpack

Photo: T. Egorova