CHANGE and The Intimate Britney Spears present the new sensual collection. 

A little throwback to the latest Riga Fashion Week session as one collection has not been covered yet. It's the Spring/Summer 2015 collection by one of the leading lingerie sector's players - Danish CHANGE. Sensual lingerie and nightwear, long awaited swimwear, beautiful models who can easily give odds to VS Angels and elaborate decorations - that's how you can describe the presentation in few words. But lets look at it in more depth.

On March 19 the office of Dandy Model Management, to point out one of the leading model agency in Baltic region, hosted the presentation of a new CHANGE lingerie collection, as well as The Intimate Britney Spears one. It's not a secret that CHANGE is a well known lingerie brand that keeps growing and conquering new markets. And, knowing the fact that the label already has two stores in Riga, it still finds new ways to keep fans interested and bring new loyals to its house. So there would be no perfect time to present the latest collection rather than in terms of Riga Fashion Week. And it was a great move simply because not only local media was in town, but guests from abroad as well.
Apart from the in-house collection, I mean the CHANGE one, we had a chance to see the pieces from The Intimate Britney Spears line. In case you still have heard nothing about it, The Intimate Britney Spears came as a collaboration between Danish lingerie specialists and American pop-Princess, aka Britney Spears. Now here the fans of Britney started making shopping plans. But seriously, why would you stop yourself from getting a piece that was designed by your all time favorite singer? Moreover, have to confess that each and every garment left a good aftertaste. There's no hint of vulgarity. Pretty sensual, pretty wearable and very lady-like.

What was so deeply special about the presentation. The atmosphere and decorations in first place. Three different stands were spotted. First one the boudoir that was very feminine-ly confidential. I would say it was very The Intimate Britney Spears like. The second stand was full of summer cottage atmosphere - lots of flowers and hanging chair. The third stand was even more summer-y with seaside poster and several palm trees - this one really sets you in anticipation of summer kind of a mood. Important to point out here is that each of the described above atmospheres were created by the decorator Baiba Prindule. If I had to describe her work, I would say - hands and eyes of a real story maker.
So in all this magic a transformation of models into something more of actresses who did perfectly deal with their roles was like an icing on the cake. You could easily deal without it, but with this icing the cake tastes and looks even more alluring. Having compared the CHANGE presentation to a cake I can say only one thing - a bit of a cake never killed nobody, right? Lingerie would neither. New season lingerie and swimwear shopping anyone?   

Photo: Aleksandrs Fjodorovs via Polhem PR Latvia