Revealing my inner culotte-girl with a pair of skirt-like pants and bucket bag. 

Style and fashion. Fashion and style. The two words that always come together, the two words that are sometimes misinterpreted. Each of us has own understanding of the two, because, as they say, lots of people, lots of opinions. To me style is something that characterizes a person, a group of people (like, lets say, punks), a certain city (e.g. Parisian style) or a country, a region, a culture and so on. Style is something that sets you apart and makes you recognizable, it might also be some common patterns, if we speak about a certain community. Word fashion, in turn, in my opinion, got a bit more complicated with years. If some 20-30 years ago people could easily say that fashion is something that is trending at the moment, i.e. the styles, colors, fabrics that were seen on the runway, then now basically everything is in fashion.

We all are mad out here, but we all are trying to find our unique style, aren't we? Otherwise why would we try all these trends out and send the ones that don't suit us to recycle bin. Still there's this crucial moment between being stylish and fashionable (or over fashionable), as one misstep will bring you to the less desirable side. As far as I remember I've always been moving towards style direction rather fashion one in my own terms. Still there's one moment. You can't derive own sense of style without trying new things. At the end of the day repeating same things over and over again will only make you bored quickly.
Life is about moving forward and trying new things, styles, forms, colors, if we speak directly about fashion. Taking into consideration all the above, and translating it all on my wardrobe, I'm still at the search of my own style stage, therefore, mixing, matching and trying quite indistinctive to myself pieces come as an essential part of this search. By indistinctive pieces I mean the ones that I wouldn't really try out before, because I would never be sure if this or that will suit my style. Though recently I went into a more brave state of mind by trying out these new kind of pieces, like flares, overalls, 60-s and 70-s like pieces, round shades and now these culotte pants. And you know I really like such kind of experiments, even if it doesn't come out as expected.

Speaking of today's sort of experiment with culottes that seem to be something between pants and a skirt. Since I've been discovering unknown to me styles, lengths and shapes of pants recently, I couldn't resist the culottes. These pants are so uber comfortable and unusual, lets be honest it's not that piece of pants you usually see yourself wearing. Plus since it's been quite popular again and I've been seeing cool culottes inspirations here and there, I really wanted to pull out my culotte-version. So here she is, my culotte-girl with some heavy knitwear and new bucket bag involved. There's one thing I was not sure about when it came to wearing it. Being relatively short, only 163cm, I was afraid that this pants-length will make me look even shorter. So heels came as a real rescue, it always comes as a rescue. Adding a bit of height never harmed nobody, especially, for the sake of style, right?

Look of the Day:
Mohito cardigan
Laurel sweater
TOPSHOP culottes
Centro triple chocolate booties
Atmosphere bucket bag

Photo: T. Egorova