Taking fringe to the knit level. 

Straight after we covered the fringe trend in the latest Trend Report here is an outfit that was somehow inspired by it. Another coincidence between Trend Report and outfit story or am I really getting inspiring-ly influenced by own reports? As they say, there's no place for coincidence in our life, so it looks like I'm on the highway to become an influencer of my own self.

It's a bit strange to say it out loud, but since I implemented Trend Reports on an actual weekly basis that keep covering seasonal trends, I started finding myself influenced by those trends pretty much. Well, word 'influence' might not be totally precise in this context. I would say better affected. Or even inspired. And that's true, since it takes hours and hours to compose collages and pick every single garment that in the end makes an entire selection it's pretty hard to escape applying it to one's own wardrobe. Especially, if you already have this or that piece relating to a certain trend/topic. Or, if you instinctively picked an item, but still kind of struggle to find perfect partners to mix and match it. In these cases trend research process comes as an inspiration source with lots of hidden gems.

The above said is highly related to the outfit story of today. And here's why. I had this fringe detailed sweater stored for something like a year and couldn't find that way to style it unless I came across putting together the latest Trend Report. I didn't really cover knitted fringe back then but still. Who said knit pieces don't relate to fringe trend? So having undertaken a research process in terms of fringe, this outfit started coming together in my mind almost straightaway. I mean leather and knit always look cool, and when it's matched by wide brimmed hat it immediately takes your outfit to a whole new level. So a thought that a little fringe never killed no outfit, but, in turn, paired with hat adds a bit of boho vibes, made me try the kind of outfit in action. And voila!

Look of the Day:
Capriola coat
INTRAMA sweater
Colloseum leather pants
Red Herring boots
Jenny Fairy backpack

Photo: T. Egorova