Second skin layer with deep green leather trench coat. 

Leather and suede are my biggest obsessions of Spring. Today it's about this leather trench coat that I found in one of Riga's vintage stores back in very late 2014. So it spent some good three months waiting for its time to shine. And the time came. It was the third day of Riga Fashion Week.
Going back to Trend Reports, leather was one of the first Spring/Summer trends we talked about. Back then I also did propose leather trench and said that ideally it should be in color. When saying that I had my green trench in mind and after testing it out and about I still highly recommend you to get colored one. It looks astonishing in sun rays, as well as in the shadow. So my green colored trench is a symbol of nature's awakening, I mean Spring season. Plus this trench of mine is vintage and you know how much I adore vintage pieces. Am still trying to picture a person who could have been the owner of this treasure before. Hopefully by the time the trench coat is featured in one of my future outfits, I'll have a story ready so we could imagine what kind of background lies behind it.

Speaking of my third Riga Fashion Week outfit my main idea was to put an emphasis on the trench coat. Therefore, I used some black classics that would perfectly match my trench and still won't shade it off. It was a little black dress and over the knee booties. When having put all the above puzzle pieces together I had a feeling that outfit was lacking something. And this 'something' was the deep blue Breton cap. To say that the cap was a perfect match for the trench is to say absolutely nothing, these two seemed to be made for each other. Now this is a killer combination in the best possible meaning. As my outfit happened to be that deeply colored, I decided to go for colored eyeliner for a change. Had choice to be made between green and blue, simply because the two were used in clothing, and gave up for the blue one to match it with Breton cap.
On the third day of Riga Fashion Week I happened to see only two runway shows. The ones of Līga Banga and her 'Visuals.Adjusted' all black everything collection and NOLO's 1970's inspired collection that happened to be one of the biggest in terms of presented look. Still can't get enough of NOLO's accessories - little toys attached to clothes and baldric-inspired belts. Pure fashion!

Look of the Day:
Lindex Breton cap
Janbell leather trench
Forever21 dress
LAMBADA.LV over the knee boots
New Look bag

Photo: T. Egorova