A fairy tale moment with Katerina Zhigulich dress. 

The fifth and final outfit of my Riga Fashion Week journey. Had discovered this cutest dress with sleeves that look pretty much like fairy's wings in a hidden Katerina Zhigulich collection. I was very determined to sport it during the fashion week, so decided to leave it for the very last day.
By now you are already familiar with an emerging Latvian designer Katerina Zhigulich. Back in December we partnered up for a Christmas Story that featured a couple of designer's gorgeous gowns. Still can't get enough of them, it's pure craftsmanship, isn't it? And I can't wait to show some other pieces Katerina Zhigulich have been hiding from all of us. Here's one of them - a cotton candy dress. Basically, I made the name of the dress up, but it really looks like a cotton candy you would wish to wrap around yourself!

Pretty pink color, fluffy-like sleeves and absolutely stunning cut-out at the back side. Pure magic as I love calling such stuff. What else a girl may need? I guess a pair of perfect shoes. It doesn't necessarily need to be a pair of high heels. It's not a Cinderella story, so crystal slippers won't play the main role, as it does in the fairy tale of the same name. So instead of a pretty glamorous pair of heels, I went for a more contrasting option - snow white Converse sneakers. Paring contrasting pieces, especially elegant or dressy gowns with sport shoes, is much of a trend recently. And I had nothing against trying it out.
So having paired cotton candy-like dress with classics from Converse I still felt like adding something. Guess what? My long time forgotten Lego phone crossbody case a la Chanel in pure pink color happened to take the empty place. It did match the color of the dress and it did match dynamics of the sneakers. Plus I didn't have to carry my phone in hands during the last day of the fashion week. It was just by the hand - on my shoulder - very convenient.

If we speak about the shooting location, I had an idea of running away from the urban architecture. I wanted to create a storytelling of a runaway fairy who found her place somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by nature and historic countryside-like background. Because... at the end of the day fairies don't live in the city, they just happen to fly to visit human beings. And then go back to the kingdom of their own...
The final day of runway shows at Riga Fashion Week was pretty contrasting. It was about reaching new heights, one debut, guests from one of the fashion's capitals and return of a good old friend. One of the most controversial Latvian designer brands amazed everyone with unbelievable show and it was the one and only Amoralle. Another Latvian label, a newborn it'sMe, had a 'time to shine' moment with their urban debut. Guests from Italy, Quattromani, left everyone questioning if it was more of a Spring or Winter collection. The final touch was made by Estonian designer brand Pohjanheimo that not only presented the new collection full of Winter shades, but also closed the Autumn/Winter session of Riga Fashion Week.

Look of the Day:
Oasis coat
Lego Iphone case via Peaches Boutique

Photo: T. Egorova