The flares and the leather. The Converse and the polka dot.

Have you ever felt this way? On top. Literally. On top of your very own self? Have you ever felt this feeling of an unexpected, unplanned, hiddeт deep inside pride? So this is basically the way I have been feeling lately due to the upcoming birthday of my digital child. Having already dedicated some time to share the most memorable moments of our past years via Facebook and Instagram, I also plan to open up more about Practical Queen AP in one of the future stories right here. Don't know yet what exactly I'll come out with, but one thing I can say - I want to share it with you. So make sure to be here with me around April 27th for this digital girl's birthday story!

I haven't celebrated my child's birthday before or even talked about it that much. I have never looked back at the passed years either. The time has just been passing by and this digital girl has been with me through last couple of years now. I never really talked about what Practical Queen AP means to me, simply because I couldn't understand what she actually means. Until the moment when things started changing dramatically. I had abandoned her a couple of times, I could easily forget about my child for weeks and for months. Because I never knew what to say, I never knew what to write, I never knew how to act. I handled Practical Queen AP as my alter ego. Then I handled it as if it's another, unknown, side of me. Well, it took me quite some time to realize that she is none of the above. Because she is a child. A project that was once born (in my head) and that needs to be nurtured, raised and developed like a real child. The child that needs time and patience. Probably you never know into what, or who, your child can grow, which path it will go. You simply try to give the best of yourself to it. And it grows, matures, inheriting a certain part of you. You can't be anything but proud. Especially, if the result comes far beyond your expectations. So, yes, expressing it all in a few sentences this is a kind of thing I figured out lately.    

Moving on to the outfit story. The outfit came as a result of mix and match. We all know that flares work well with trench coats. But what if it's a leather trench? We know that flares look cool with Converse. We know that head scarf adds a special touch to outfits that feature either flares or trench coats or both. We know that little shoulder bags are a must of every modern girl's wardrobe. We know that red lipstick is so classy. Finally, we know that white shirt is always a good idea. Now what if we mix and match it all in one outfit? Here's the answer. We get something uber interesting with a little of 70's vibes that is worth taking out to streets. Or on top.

Look of the Day:
Janbell leather trench
Tommy Hilfiger Denim jeans
vintage bag

Photo: T. Egorova