She was standing right there, in the middle of nowhere. In the middle of her country's glorious past... 

My journey around Latvia and its picturesque places continues. Since the Snow Queen have long left the country and warm sun rays stepped in, my inner Anna the Explorer of Latvian lands is back. I can't remember whether I have spoken about how uber little Riga is, but you run out of location ideas pretty fast. Although there still are these little hidden places around the town, I'm now talking about major popular ones, plus it takes quite some time to discover this or that place-y. Moreover, if you remember, I have already stated a couple of times that I love running away from Riga-city from time to time.

The reason I'm in a constant search for interesting and picturesque locations lies in a visual factor of my storytelling. A certain look pretty much requires a certain, name it matching location, background. A location that will rather turn it, I mean the outfit, all in one huge story. At the end of the day fashion picture is a visual story that translates a message to the person on the other side of the screen. In general, it's a thought through process straight from the beginning, but in my case the final meaning comes after. I mean I have an idea of the outfit, the look, and the location, in most cases, prior the shoot, while the final idea of a written story I usually support my visuals with comes later.
So at the time I was there at the Ķemeri National Park discovering its beauty, sitting on this spiral staircase and standing by one of its little and long forgotten wharfs, I had not entire idea I'm going to talk about glorious days and ruins.

To save a bit of your time, I have summed up the story of this abandonedly beautiful place, i.e. a part of Ķemeri National Park. Every single article throughout the Internet states that it's a national treasure (officially established back in 1997) of a little Eastern European country. The reality, in turn, shows the long abandoned near-to-ruins of Ķemeri's glorious past. The past where it was a resort popular for its sulfuric mineral water sources that kept attracting ladies and gentlemen from different corners of Russian Empire, then Soviet Union, both of which have also long gone in the pages of endless history of planet Earth (probably taking the glory of this place with them). Basically this part of Ķemeri's park full of numerous bridges and uncountable paths reminds you more of a place, where time seems to stop. The place which reminds you of those days that have long been left in the past and can't be repeated. even if you would love it.
It seems that you just need to stop for a moment in the middle of the path or sit on a bench and wait, wait for a moment when all those women, escorted by men or numerous maids, will appear all over the park. Walking gracefully in those long dresses and hiding naturally fair skin under the umbrellas thus protecting themselves from strong rays of sun. It seems that you need to close your eyes for a second, open it, and you'll see this very little pavilion in the center of the park the it used to look like some hundred years ago - being a 'Coffee Pavilion' ('Kafijas Paviljons') with tables around, beautiful spiral staircase inside and boats stopping by just by its little wharf. But you open your eyes and you see ruins. The actual glory of those days can only be sensed, or seen in very old pictures.

The facts of Ķemeri's glorious past that I managed to find state that this part of the park was arranged under the order and sponsorship of the Russian tsar. Turns out that apart from two little pavilions and numerous bridges, the park also had an unbelievably interesting place called 'Oak of love'. It was an oak surrounded by spiral staircase and balustrade. It's not here anymore, so you can only try to imagine that view all the lovebirds used to oversee... I guess it's been really long time since the park has been touched by the hands of skilled park architects and I doubt it will have such an opportunity in the nearest future. Though, being a believer I hope that some day a crazy former glory resurrector will step in this park turning it in one of the most picturesque locations across the Baltics.
And gradually we've reached the stage when I should say a couple of words about the outfit. I think it would be fair enough to characterize the outfit as natural femininity with a touch of seduction created by high split of a maxi skirt and noticeable bra piece. Those graceful women who used to stroll along the little pavilion in their long and pretty much closed gowns had long gone giving way to big changes. Fashion has changed dramatically since those times, so did the beauty. Though there are such immortal classics as naturalness and femininity that will never go out of fashion.

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Photo: T. Egorova