The new classics in the face of leather pants. 

Have you ever thought of modern day classics? I mean there are these all time classic pieces as little black dress or a pair of jeans or white blouse. The classics that's been around for decades now. The classics that can always be found in a wardrobe of a modern female regardless the season, the year and, basically, her age.

Now recently I've been thinking about the classics of today, this very day when we woke up in the morning and started doing our things. Or maybe it's more appropriate to name it the classics of a period. Well, usually people tend to call it trends, but to me trend is something that is hot here and now, throughout the season. In turn there are other pieces that stay relevant to the majority throughout a certain period of time. I admit that relevance of such pieces is fed by season's trends, at the end of the day half of our life is fed by season's trends, even in terms of beauty.
Going back to the so-called classics of today... What I consider to be modern day classics are leather pants. Look, they've been around for quite some time now. Not a season or two. And I believe it is going to stay for some good time with us. Simply because we can't imagine our lives without a pair of leathers, aren't we? I can't. To me leather pants are a sort of replacement for jeans. When I don't feel like adding a casual fragment to my look in the face of jeans and when I don't feel like adding too elegant touch in the face of formal pants either, I just take leather ones. Neither too formal nor too casual.

What I said above about leather pants can be applied to this new outfit as well. Instead of jeans or skinny pants I went for a pair of white leather pants. So it came as a sort of contrast both in terms of style and color. Plus I paired it with over the knee boots that actually aim at becoming a sort of modern day classics as well. Don't these booties look good with a pair of pants just the way it looks good with a dress? I think that over the knees deserve to be put in all time classics list right next to black and nude colored court shoes.
So having over the knees and leathers combination I couldn't imagine to add anything better than an elegant blazer in soft texture. This Spring, I probably need to shift the time scopes more towards to Summer now, will be reach on blazers, as my collection keeps expanding faster than actual Spring is estimated to come now. Don't forget to add a perfectly structured bag to finish our outfit full of new classics. It can be a crossbody or handbag or something of your own choice, simply remember it should be perfectly structured. Structured bags are always good.

Look of the Day:
Amanda Smith blazer
Reserved top
Seppala trousers
LAMBADA.LV over the knee boots
Fiorelli Belinda Grab bag

Photo: T. Egorova