Going all the way through the season with overalls.

What do overalls remind you of? The first thing that comes into my mind, a kid of 1990-ies, is childhood years. The very youth that was spent in denim overalls. It also marked with overalls in prints and various colors.  
The other thing that definitely comes to ones mind when he or she thinks about overalls is a farmer. Remember those cartoons or old movies when farmers were ideally pictured wearing overalls, shirt that was ideally plaid and a hat that did protect our nature worker from heavy sun rays. Female farmers were also pictured having one or two-side braids. Just think about what can be much more comfortable than wearing overalls? 
So this Spring/Summer season designers are bringing the overall thing back. In all sort of styles, fabrics and colors. Stella McCartney, Emilio Pucci, Sonia Rykiel and many other designers prepared lots of overalls for us. Scroll down to learn more about what's going to be big this season.


Overalls Details

In general overalls is a pretty simple kind of clothing. So add a bit of twist to it with some interesting details like near to backless and semi-transparent overalls or an asymmetric one with only one sleeve. This type of overalls will be ideal for an evening out.

PrintsPrint Overalls

Prints are always cool. Who doesn't like prints? Who doesn't own a piece with print all over it? Here we go with some cool overall options - trending stripes and florals, and many more. No matter what's your favorite print is, this season we guarantee you can find it on overalls.

Lace and silk

Lace and Silk Overalls

The most 'night out' overalls options in the face of lace and silk. With sleeves or without, with cropped trouser length or no these overalls will equally work on a night out as well as in a casual situation. 


Denim Overalls

Denim overalls are such a season perfect thing! A kind of replacement for a pair of jeans it can be sported throughout the next several months with absolutely everything you can imagine it wearing with.


Leather Overalls

Leather. Is it necessary to comment on this? Two trends come in one and we see leather overalls coming to our wardrobes very very soon. One little tip. If you don't know how to wear leather overalls, then stay on the safe side and style it with simple white tee or plaid shirt.