Sounds delicious much? Looks like a tasty dessert as well. 

So I guess we have finally reached the stage of no return for freezing times. Warm days have conquered the city and brought some good spring rains in its own suitcase. The hibernation period is over, the nature is in its awakening stage, bears have now long been surfing through forests, it's about time for us, humans, to wake up, open our eyes to the world, raise our heads up to the sky, realize how unbelievably beautiful this world is and find joy in everything we do.

I have just opened, or better to say realized, an interesting fact about myself. I'm never totally ready for season transitions. Despite the fact that I was looking forward for warm, sun-full days to come and finally get rid of all that over-multi layering, I'm not really ready to take my coat and boots off. And put all dark everything pieces deep inside the wardrobe. I clearly remember crying over the fact how freezing it felt back in December and January. I clearly remember stating that I'm such a warm weather person. And what now? It was like +20 degrees just few days ago and I was so at a loss about whether I should wear a air of boots or sneakers and should I put my coat on or a leather jacket? Having major part of my wardrobe based on Spring/Summer pieces, I found myself so not ready to put it all on, in a rather mental level than physical one, so it feels like I'm much of a bear kind of person, who keeps sleeping throughout a certain period and then wakes up in a totally new environment.
Still it feels so good to be outdoors and breathe this warm air full of new life and blossoming. Needless to say that people in the streets of Riga, who could previously be spotted with greyness, unhappiness and longing for something in their faces, have finally blossomed as well. As if those flowers deep inside them have blossomed under the strong promising sun rays.

Going back to my seasonal transitions. Having found myself a bit lost in the endless offering and variety of my own closet, I decided to take such a 'from-cold-to-warm' shift in an easy way. So instead of jumping on a train of all colorful (and/or popping colors) everything, I went for my favorite neutrals. Though it's not black or gray, on the contrary, it's a set of beige 'n'  sandy colors. The set of shades I adore as much as blacks, whites and greys. Being a dark haired-and-eyed kind of a person (this comes from my grandfather), with pretty fair skin color (which comes from my granny), I always knew beiges and browns suit me just the way stars suit the night sky. A killer combination. That's why these colors have always been on my must-have list regardless the seasonality and trends.
If we go into more detailed analysis of today's outfit, then I would like to stress out two things. First of all, it's the shades and textures. So totally different and contrasting yet perfectly complementing each other. As I said beiges and browns are a good option for such transitional periods as we are experiencing at this very moment. So in case you would love to stay on the safe side in terms of color, go play around the details instead. Here comes the second thing I want to point out - rolled up trouser legs. We've been using rolled ups for some good time now, but previously it, primary, did include such kind of shoes, as court shoes, heeled sandals, loafers, sneakers and so on. It's been a while, but rolling up your trousers and showing off boots (usually heeled ones) seems to be a cool, as well as an interesting, trick. We have to admit, my ladies, that it adds a certain twist to the outfit. And since May is just around the corner, it's time to show your favorite pair of booties to the world. Lets roll it up!     

Look of the Day:
London Fog trench coat
TCM blazer
H&M pants
Centro booties
vintage bag
H&M sunglasses

Photo: T. Egorova