The day this girl turns 23. 

As they say, a year older - a year wiser... Now this seems pretty unbelievable how the last 365 days just passed by. It feels like every next year passes by in even faster pace. I remember not being an 18 year old or more yet, how desperately I'd been counting those days left till May 29! How desperately I was counting years left till 18th birthday. How badly I, like many of us, wanted to become older, to become an adult.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm not waiting for my own birthday or it's not that special day anymore. It is. It's this kind of a day when I can say 'It's my day!'. Well, not only mine as I have a couple of people with whom we share May 29 as a birthday. Can't even imagine how many people are out there on the planet, who also share this day as a very special one. Hundreds, thousands, hundred thousands? I guess we'll never be able to find it out, though it would be highly interesting to come together and find out how totally different all of us, who was born on May 29, are. You know what I just came out with? With Googling 'People born on May 29'. A lot of interesting personalities happen to be my birthday mates, the ones who had long been gone and the ones who are still with us. Needless to say that May 29 is also an interesting day in terms of history: the fall of Constantinople back in 1453, restoration of monarchy in England back in 1660, Sir Edmund Percival Hillary together with Tenzing Norgay were the first ever mountaineers to reach the summit of Mount Everest back in 1953. Isn't it impressive? A very interesting and one of the last days of official Spring. May 29.

Speaking of aging. Before I reached my 18th birthday it was mainly all about numbers. I was looking forward to become an official adult as if something totally magical is going to happen when I reach that age. As if the world is not going to be the same anymore. Well, the turn really came as starting from my 20th birthday, exactly 3 years ago, I kind of stopped counting my age. I guess my inner aging stopped somewhere at this stage. So when people keep asking for my age it comes to my own surprise that I'm, let's say, 22. I always thought that 22-23 year olds are different. Just different. I always thought it feels totally different to be over 20, despite the fact that my mind's age is somewhere around 32 and at times it makes me act and talk like a 30-something woman. Funny, but I can't deny it. Having such a contradiction between mind and inner state, still counting it as one of my advantages. It's never boring to live through a day in different age stages.

But enough with age dilemmas and numbers, let's move towards a more fashion related topic - outfit of the day. Today's outfit story is special not only because it's my birthday, but also due to the fact that my birthday story got merged with one of my beloved Katerina Zhigulich pieces. It's the Cotton Candy dress. This time it's paired with crystal white trousers and cream-y blazer, thus forming a sort of an elegant, attention-grabbing suit combination. An interesting trick to put a dress over a pair of trousers and pretty popular recently among street style-rs. Firstly, it gives your favorite dress a new breath of life. Secondly, the overall combination looks slightly complicated yet worth trying out. Love challenging myself to pull different, not always inherent to me, combinations. So cheers to another year of interesting, challenging new looks! 23 is yet a new self-development and adventure-full stage. Off we go!

Look of the Day:
H&M jacket
USA trousers
Zara shoes

Photo: T. Egorova