Going Western country girl for May Day. 

First of May in the city of my younger childhood days. Technically it was spent some good number of kilometers away from Jelgava, in a place upon river Svēte. My grandparents used to live in Jelgava till I was around 5, so quite some time was spent out here that resulted in a little box filled with good memories. I have a much bigger box of childhood memories from that place upon the river rather than the city of Mitava. Still this little city nearly on the other side of the country brings the feeling of simple yet sweet things.
It's been quite some time since I last really stepped in this city. Over the last couple of years the only nearest location I visited was the place called Atpūta, where I actually spent my, probably, craziest childhood years. The city of Mitava, for no reason I lately started calling Jelgava according to its historic, long forgotten by many, name, with its quite little streets and relative simplicity was just not on my list. Until I once realized that the city has changed dramatically since I last took a walk around it.     

So the first day of my most favorite month of them all was marked with a new acquaintance with the city of Mitava. And exactly the Mitava Palace that is a pure mastership of a long gone architectural genius Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, the architect who, by the way, also did put his hand on another majesty of Latvia - Rundale Palace. And these two by far are not the most prominent creations of master Rastrelli, if you go research more about this man, you will find a good number of palaces, and not only, designed by him around St. Petersburg and other cities of a long gone Russian Empire. But that's another story.
The King Louis XVIII, Russian general Alexander Suvorov, favorite of Russian Empress Ernst Johann von Biron, famous Russian historian and writer Nikolay Karamzin - all of which are, at least, partially connected with the city. Though the biggest mark was left by von Biron, for whom Mitava's Palace by Rastrelli was originally built. What did each of those personalities see and feel while at this city? Did they discern the simpleness of this place? Because at the end of the day that's what you are able to sense...   

My re-acquaintance with the city of Mitava is still to be continued. I can't help but put a comfortable pair of bots on and go discover the city once again. The city which finally became a sort of a home for my grandparents after endless travelling around the Soviet Union due to granddad's service. I can't help but go and research the soul of a little city of von Biron and Rastrelli. And unleash an endless source of culture, architecture and, and just beauty. A kind of source that inspires my storytellings.
May day spent in the little city of Mitava inspired my inner Western style country girl. Simplicity meets simplicity, that's how I can characterize an outfit in which I went on to discover the new life of the city. Frankly speaking, I adore a country girl style and was dreaming about bringing my inner one to life. As dreams are meant to come true, here I am, in Jelgava, wearing a pair of coolest vintage cowboy boots in a pair with plaid shirt and casual skinny jeans. And two braids. No country girl can go by without a braid or two.

Look of the Day:
Reserved jacket
Forever21 shirt
Zara jeans
vintage bag

Photo: T. Egorova