Brightly pink inspiration with one more masterpiece by Katerina Zhigulich. 

Here we go with another dress from Katerina Zhigulich's 'Cotton Candy' collection. Such a contrast to what we've seen the previous time in a very fairy story Katerina Zhigulich Cotton Candy. While the fairy-looking dress with near to wings and absolutely inoffensive cut out at the backside turns a lady into an angle, this hot pink one with voluminous hemline and insanely deep cut out at the front is able to turn her into an absolute attention-center no matter where she goes, let it be a casual walk around the city, a fashion event or live concert.

'Cotton Candy' collection by Katerina Zhigulich, yet a design student at Riga Technical University back then, is a mix of powder and splash-y colors skilfully balanced by lightweight fabrics and airy fairy details, a la wings and decorated hemlines. If we speak of the two dresses from 'Cotton Candy' collection that I already had a chance to try on and stylize, so to say, according to myself, then I would love to differentiate these couple. I mean try to explain how I see the world through the prism of each of them, figuratively speaking.
There's no doubt that the Cotton Candy dress is so totally my kind of a dress both in terms of color and style. Elegance in a combination with fabulous romanticism and maiden modesty. And a bit of coldness that still goes in hand with modesty. It's this exact fabulous romanticism that Katerina Zhigulich did put in the Cotton Candy dress that transforms lady into a fairy who "just happens to fly to visit human beings. And then goes back to the kingdom of her own."

An Electric Pink Balloon dress from today's story is a complete contrast to Cotton Candy. The reason why I started calling the dress a Balloon is because of a 3D hemline. Decoration reminds me of little balloons sewn all over the hem of the dress, so it looks like a million of those little balloons are just going to lift you up in the air and allow to fly around the city. That's how the Electric Pink Balloon name was born. And if the Cotton Candy dress is a reflection of a fairy, the Electric Pink Balloon turns you into a street star, so the balloon doesn't live far away from people in a kingdom of its own, it lives everywhere around the city, together with people and lifts them up. You know this reaction of passers-by right, when they see someone out there in the street with a balloon, or a couple. It lifts them up, maybe reminds of childhood days, and most importantly places a sunny smile on their faces. So does the Balloon dress. Especially, it's color.

The color, that's what really attracted me in this dress. If' I'm about to choose between the shades of pink, I'm most likely to pick hot pink. It just adds the statement and braveness to ones appearance, I guess. At least, that's what happens to me when I put such a color on. And most definitely there's no place for tenderness when you have a hot pink shade on. You know what the dress reminded me of. Or better say, of who. Of Elsa Schiaparelli. Paris-based master of unbelievable designs and a huge pink color addicted. A person who was definitely living ahead of her time. So if you are familiar with Elsa's creations, then you might remember her Moire evening gown, a long silky gown in shocking pink. A certain sort of Elsa Schiaparelli's influence is totally visible in this Electric Pink Balloon dress. If not in terms of style and shapes, then definitely it is sensed in a color choice. 

As I love to say, the most challenging ideas result in really interesting outfits. So to open the entire truth and story behind the outfit, I found it hard to find partners for the dress. The major challenge was the deep cut out at the front. It felt to me that something was lacking. And that something was a bralette with straps. Its interesting design allows it to be seen, not in full but rather partially, to the world. Have to say that the bralette did also perfectly balance the black sandals without making the feet part looking too heavy. There's never too much for pink color, right? Therefore, matching lipstick and balloons came in handy for the story.

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Katerina Zhigulich dress
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Photo: T. Egorova