Inspiration. Idea. Subject. Word. Tick appropriate one. 

How does the idea of every single Practical Queen AP's story appear? It all starts with a word. Or with a set of words. Even the emotion or association that comes from a certain visual storytelling or a separately take piece, of clothing lets say, when translated on a paper, doesn't matter if it's actual or digital one, ends up with a word.

Inspiration , or an idea if you like, is an essential part of writer's, journalist's, stylist's, photographer's and so on work life. Bloggers, especially fashion, personal style and lifestyle (beg your pardon if I missed out any who should be on the list) ones, tend to combine the work of a journalist and stylist, and in some cases of a photographer. Some of my colleagues put more emphasis on one of the mentioned above and it can't be characterized as incorrect. If we all were doing the same, would it even be interesting? It's like with fashion brands. Look, Manolo Blahnik specializes in footwear, while Ulyana Sergeenko goes for Couture and Dior stretches across I guess absolutely everything from womenswear to menswear, from Couture to Baby Dior, bags and shoes to make-up and fragrances. While Manolo and Ulyana keep their eyes on a certain niche, Dior balances between different aspects and it still serves as win-win situation. And I'm not talking right now about which of the above is more successful in business or fashion or general terms neither do I point out the image of the brand. Just a simple example of forces differentiation. Say different examples of strategies, if you want. Same kind of thing can be applied to fashion blogging sphere. When it comes to my so-called strategy, I'm trying to keep a golden mean, where every aspect is more or less equally balanced. And again I'm not saying that it's the most certain win-win situation, it's just how I see the 'at the moment' stage of Practical Queen AP, whose readers tend to relate either to visuals, i.e. images and styling, or to content, i.e. written side of the stories, in some cases it's both.

Going back to the inspiration topic of my written stories. See it all starts with one word, today it's 'inspiration'. Inspiration or idea, for it's practically the same. It all results in a written story, which in turn is a result of a text I read or a movie I watched, or something I saw in the street or wherever, or a song that was in my headphones like 5 minutes ago, or an emotion I felt, or even a piece of clothing I was wearing this time. It all serves as an idea source, so when it comes to putting visual and written stories together on a digital paper it just comes as a puzzle pieces. I might have an idea of a written story straightaway, it also might take some time to figure out what I want to share in terms of a certain story, but in both cases I tend to keep it in my mind before committing to paper. So having a general idea of how my written content might look like, I know what I'm going to express and how I'm going to break my text into several sections. Just like with the story of today, I had two ideas that were spinning in my head for a couple of days, but I ended up with this exact scenario. Mainly because I felt like sharing such kind of thoughts rather than speaking about the power of a yellow jacket. Still 'power of a yellow jacket' is coming in the future, but lets keep it a secret for now... Should I say how much time it saves me? I simply end up producing 2 to 3 stories a day. As productive as that.

The final part of the story is usually dedicated to the 'outfit of the day'. A pure 'Daring Simplicity' it is today. Why daring? Due to power yellow over all black everything an ripped jeans. By the way, ripped jeans are a production of my imagination, if this word is appropriate out here, and DIY. These skinny Mango jeans were way too skinny and I was already on the way to get rid of it when the idea of cutting and ripping it on the knee level came to my mind. A bit of magic with the help of scissors and snap blade utility knife and such a popular piece of jeans is ready! So my good old Mango-es did not only receive its second life, but turned to be much more comfortable with holes on the knees. And secondly, why simplicity? A pair of skinnies, loose fit tee, jacket and elegant court shoes. If it's not simplicity, the I have no entire idea what else should I say about the combination. A ray of sun in a dark kingdom maybe?

Look of the Day:
Design Johan Skoglund jacket
Reserved top
Mango jeans
Aldo Boyntonbeach shoes
Aldo Horotten bag

Photo: T. Egorova