There's nothing more charming than the city covered with sun rays. 

It's been quite long since the last Hometown Glory story. The reason behind such an almost one year break was the lack of sun and blossoming. It's not that I don't find my hometown alluring when it's covered with gloominess and heavy winds, not at all, it's still undeniably beautiful and even holds the kind of mystery. It's the game of sun that emphasizes the natural beauty of the view, the architecture and the details. Just like a smile suits girl's face, so do the sun and city to each other. They can deal without one another, but the moment they meet a real magic comes to action.

Such photo diaries have become an essential part of Practical Queen AP. Simply because it's this another source of inspiration, apart from literature, cinema, music, etc., that affects me. Just like Latvian composer Raimonds Pauls strolls through the narrow streets of the Old Town or British designer Paul Smith walks around London or any other city he happens to visit or Frol Burimskiy, the right hand of Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko, keeps travelling around endless lands of Russia, all of which are in non-stop journey for inspiration, so do I by collection visuals and impressions of every single little detail.

You would say that I'm neither a musician nor a designer, who needs to be in a constant search of inspiration. Still keeping your eyes opened to everything that comes your way, not only fashion in my case, broadens ones mind and improves imagination, the last one is pretty important for me when it comes to creating outfits and storytellings. And, let's be honest, living in a city filled with history and pieces of art, I mean architecture in first place, and not paying attention to it all is pretty so to say incuriously, don't you think so?

Photo: A. Puzova